Amir Garrett toed the rubber tonight against Rich Hill.  Garrett only lasted 1+ inning due to a freak accident on a line drive back to the mound. More on that later.

Coming into this game, the Reds had lost 6 straight in Los Angeles. Following this game, the Reds have lost 7 straight in Los Angeles.




-Zack Cozart extended his on-base streak to 31 games by working a walk in a great plate appearance in the 3rd inning.

-Jose Peraza had three weakly-hit singles.  This qualifies as “good” for this game.

-Joey Votto hit his 17th home run in the 9th inning.  This ties him with teammate Scott Schebler and the reincarnation of Ryan Zimmerman for the National League lead.


-In the 2nd inning, Austin Barnes hit a 103 mph liner right at Amir Garrett’s head.  Instinct took over, and Garrett brought up his unprotected pitching hand and tried to bare-hand the ball.  As you can imagine, this didn’t go well.  Garrett appeared to lose feeling in part of his hand and left the game.  He was sitting on the bench with a dejected look, but did not appear to be in pain.  Hopefully this is a minor setback

-After “relief pitcher” Jake Buchanan loaded the bases in the 3rd (with the help of  Jose Peraza not being able to grip the ball on a double play turn), he fielded a swinging bunt while cutting off Eugenio Suarez in the process and proceeded to throw the ball up the right field line allowing 2 runs to score.

-Buchanan later (the next inning) would give up a double, walk, hit batsman, and single while retiring only one batter.  His final line was 2.1 IP, 5 hits, 3 walks, 1 strikeout, 4 ER.  That is bad.

-The Reds offense was bad today.  It’s not bad everyday.  Today it was.  They managed only 5 hits, 60% of which came in the 9th inning down.


-Watching players get hurt sucks.

-Rich Hill has allowed 2 ER or fewer in 5 of his 6 starts, while not going more than 5 IP in any of them.  That is weird.

-I like Jim Day better than Thom Brennaman.  I like Chris Welsh better than Jeff Brantley.  I like Vin Scully better than all of them.  This is the first game I haven’t listed to Vin since I started doing  A sad night, indeed.

-Kenta Maeda, who pitched 4 innings in relief, earned his first career save.  He was nearly perfect, if not for the meddlesome Votto!














19 Responses

  1. Geoff

    What a terrible game. Get em tomorrow!

  2. DHud

    I guess I missed Cingrani being activated this week

    At least he didn’t walk his first batter…


      That in itself is cause for celebration. He almost always walks the first batter he faces.

    • Vicferrari

      not a bad 5th/6th option to have, I heard he went to some camp to learn a change-up or something this fall, anybody notice if he uses it or does he still throw 90% fastballs. I still have hope for him being a factor especially with considering how the other young guys struggled and he practically dominated in his first half season

  3. G L

    I hate Red’s West Coast trips. We never seem to do well.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Not sure about Buchanan’s 8th-bullpen spot need


      He’s actually pitched well…before last night.

      • Vicferrari

        He had one average outing against the Braves (2 runs in 5 outings), otherwise he has shown why he is AAAA pitcher, he is the first to go when the veterans get healthy and AAA guys are ready

  5. cfd3000

    Duvall and Mesoraco were not in the lineup against the lefty Hill. Anyone know if there was more to it than just giving them a rest and getting someone else a few at bats? Also, Buchanan was bad. Yikes.

    • showops

      Duvall was sick. Per TV announcers he had been for a couple of days and it got worse after the flight to LA.

      • cfd3000

        Thanks. Sorry to,hear that but sick is much better than injured.

  6. james garrett

    I agree GRAND with you on everything.Because of a 162 game season teams throw games away before the plane lands in the next city.In this case it was In LA but you could see it coming.Reds were done after the first inning.

  7. Indy Red Man

    Glad the Cards came to town because the Reds are 1 out away from being 0-7 in the rest of the last 11 games:(

    Billy needs some days off! He’s slight of build and he wears down. Why not try Schebler leadoff (Charlie Blackmon-esque) vs righties and maybe Peralta or Kivlehan vs lefties. Slide Billy to 9th and Schebler might get more meatballs when Billy is on.

    Its the 2nd time I’ve seen Brendan McKay pitch for Lville. He’s pretty good! Fastball isn’t overpowering (91-93) but he seems to have good control (far better then Garrett or Reed) and has a nice downward slider. He’s also hitting .356 w/17 hrs although they said he doesn’t hit nearly as well when he’s pitching. I’m thinking he could be a Jon Lester type…the Cubs version that doesn’t throw as hard. Great chance he could be with the Reds in 2019 as he looks pretty polished or maybe even pull a Leake and skip the minors. Hunter Greene is a freak but he may be gone or they may want someone like McKay that can contribute earlier?

  8. Vicferrari

    Agree on Hamilton- with the hitters they have, when Mes is in the line-up there is no reason why Hamilton or Perza should be batting before him, It is like a catcher has to hit 8th, Price seem do unconventionally things like bat billy 9th, Joey 2nd, then just stopped

  9. 666wolverine

    Votto isn’t even in the top 5 for AS First base voting!!! What complete joke this system is. There needs to be a different system. Small market clubs just get hosed!!! Votto should be on the darn team! He needs as many AS games as he can get to help his HOF cause. Man if he only didn’t get hurt those 2 seasons!!!

    • 666wolverine

      I agree 100%. Players know more about the game than regular joes who vote.

  10. 666wolverine

    That would just make too much sense. Price lacks common sense I am afraid.