Homer Bailey threw a successful rehab start last night for the first-place Pensacola Blue Wahoos. The Blue Wahoos are the Reds AA affiliate. He threw 64 pitches over 5 innings, an inning longer than he was planning on working. Bailey gave up 3 hits and 1 walk and no runs. He struck out 5 batters.

Bailey felt good about the start, according to the Pensacola News Journal (Bill Vilona):

“I think all signs (Friday) pointed in really good directions. The ball was coming out of my hand really well. That is one thing throughout this the whole process I really haven’t lost… is the command.

“It is kind of rare thing and to add that with way ball was coming out, I felt good.”

More from Homer: “Put your pants on, let’s go.”

If the plan is for Bailey to throw two more rehab starts, the next could be for second-place A-Dayton the middle of next week. If that schedule holds, he would return to pitch for the Reds possibly the weekend of June 23-25 in Washington D.C. against the Nationals. The Reds also play a make-up game in St. Louis on Monday, June 26.

Bailey made six starts for the Reds in 2016 and two starts in 2015. His last full season was 2013. He is recovering from bone spur surgery on Feb. 8.

[Photo credit: Pensacola Blue Wahoos]

22 Responses

  1. sandman

    GEEZ! I knew it had been awhile since he pitched a full season, but didn’t realize it’s now been 4 years! It’s been one crap storm after another for this guy.

  2. james garrett

    Its a win if he can come back healthy and I think he will.I also believe he will have a chip on his shoulder and have something he feels like he needs to prove.

    • Mark from NC

      Chip on his shoulder sure beats one in his elbow…

  3. kmartin

    Does anyone know if there were reports about the velocity on his pitches?

    • Scott Carter

      Doug Gray wrote that the Pensacola announcer was reporting that he was throwing in low 90’s although he could not confirm it.

  4. 666wolverine

    Biggest bust ever!!! Hate on me all you want but it is true. Sure he has 2-no no’s but big wool!!!! Would much rather have kept Cueto than sign Homer.

    • Chuck Schick

      So using perfect hindsight, you think the Reds should’ve kept the guy that didn’t get hurt vs the guy who did.

      Thats bold.

      • 666wolverine

        I said this before all the Bailey injury issues. Never claimed to be bold or anything facts are facts Cueto a Pro in every single thing he does. Bailey not even close.

    • Ben

      If you were saying this five years ago, you’d be an oracle. You’re saying it today, so you’re…not insightful.

      • 666wolverine

        I did say it 5 years ago. If you knew any of my personal friends they would tell you. Of course it done not matter anyways.

    • Indy Red Man


      Cueto had a better track record then Homer but he wasn’t good for the Royals and hasn’t been that hot this year and his velocity is down from his days with the Reds. Bottom line…like Cossack said…long term contracts to pitchers just wipe out small market teams. The return on investment is almost always not there. Teams like the Reds have to develop enough young guys and trade them if they get too expensive! KC paid Danny Duffy $65 mil for 5 years ($60 mil for the next 4) and he’s on the DL….be lucky to pitch 150 innings this year. Its not worth it because then teams like the Reds will just let a regular player walk because they can’t afford him and hitters are much more predictable when it comes to durability.

      • da bear

        Without Cueto KC probably doesn’t win the World Series let alone the divisional playoffs. Two hitters? First complete game by an AL pitcher in the Series since Jack Morris?!? Plus he pitched well for the Giants in the playoffs last year, too…18-5, low ERA & low WHIP, perhaps a top three NL pitcher last year (only 5th or 6th in CyYoung voting….still no respect). Dealing with blisters on two of his fingers last six weeks. Was a mentor to Lorenzen in 2015 – see how Lorenzen performed pre-trade vs. post-trade….yes of course Reds made huge mistake not keeping an Ace….for a track record far superior to Homer’s.

    • kmartin

      In 2013 Bailey pitched 209 innings and the year before 208 innings. In 2013 Cueto pitched only 60.2 innings. The year before he was injured in the playoffs. Based on the data Homer probably seemed like the better risk.

      • Indy Red Man

        Not to me but ok. Homer’s first 6 years he pitched over 135 innings once and his best era was 3.68. That doesn’t scream $100 mil to me but I’m tired of talking about it. People are prob tired of Homer bashers like me rehashing it so I’m done. I hope he pitches great and helps stabilize the rotation. Down the line..I think he might fit in as a Bud Norris type closer and let Raisel be the Andrew Miller 7th-8th inning fireman type while Lorenzen goes in the rotation.

      • kmartin

        Through 2011 Homer spent time in the minors. For example, in 2009 he pitched over 200 innings. I think the Reds brought him up too early in 2007. Also, when I say better risk I am speaking in terms of health.

      • kmartin

        Indy, I also would love to see Lorenzen go into the starting rotation.

      • Indy Red Man

        I don’t see what other choice they have if they want to compete? I watched a little of Colorado’s young guy Jeff Hoffman today. He has a 2.33 era with a 0.74 whip. Their whole rotation is pretty good! Chase Anderson with Milw has lowered his era from 4.39 last year to 2.94. If we want to compete then we have to get some premium arms in the rotation. They can’t sign a big name and if they trade Cozart to someone then they’ll prob get a 20 yr old pitcher back that needs time. They really don’t have other options? What guys do they have in the minors that throw 99 w/movement and have a slider/cut fb that generate grounders and quick outs?

      • da bear

        +100. Solid idea, wish the reds would consider. Like a top three of eventually Lorenzen, Disco & Finnegan with Romano, Mahle, Castillo, Ross and Reed to fill out the staff and shutdown bullpen

      • 666wolverine

        I personally never liked the guy so this will never change I am afraid. It happens like this sometimes.

    • kmartin

      I always liked Mike Leake, but unlike Bailey, Leake was not a top of the rotation pitcher. At the time the Reds were a playoff team. Look how well Bailey did against the Giants in the 2012 playoffs. I think the Reds wanted a top of the line guy they could rely on in the playoffs.

    • 666wolverine

      Problem is Leake doesn’t blow the radar gun away so he is dismissed easy. I feel too much is based on velocity which is why Bailey is given so much rope.

  5. james garrett

    For the last two years we haven’t seen what most of us think would be a good rotation because of all the injuries.If Homer,Disco Finnny,Feldman and pick one more come back and are just average starters then we become really good.Throw in guys that could make an impact down the road and that list is a long one then we look pretty well set for awhile.None are Kershaw but how many teams have a true ace?Lets get healthy continue to sort out who can or can’t and go forward.Folks will argue and rightly so you can’t win in the playoffs without a true ace and a really good number 2 guy but we aren’t a playoff team yet.To win and finish close to 500 we just need average starting pitching because our pen on most nights can shorten the game by using multiple pitchers to go the last 3 or 4 innings.Right now Feldman’s stats say he is an average MLB pitcher and Johnny Cueto’s doesn’t even though he pitches in that big park in SF.Go figure that one but keep in mind our offense is better and our pen is better and our defense is just as good.My point is we just need our starters to be average and I think it will be even better once a couple of guys return at the end of the month.