This season, I’ve been writing mostly about the young ‘uns and how they’re doing. But today, I need to do something a little different.

Everyone, I’m sure, remembers that during April and May last year, Joey Votto wasn’t being Joey Votto. he struggled for a while before transforming himself into the offensive monster we’re all generally used to. This year, he hasn’t missed a beat. Oh, sure, there’ve been weeks here and there, but we’ve reached a point now where we’ve seen a full year of offensive excellence from Joseph Daniel.

Over the last calendar year, these are Joey Votto’s numbers:

694 Plate Appearances
195 Hits
39 Doubles
2 Triples
34 Home Runs
115 Runs
109 RBI
119 Walks
92 Strikeouts
.347 AVG
.458 OBP
.605 SLG

Stop for a minute. Just stop. Go back and look at that. Those numbers are insane.

If that occurred over the course of one season, instead of stretched across two, it would represent a career high in OPS, AVG, SLG, Runs, hits, and extra-base hits. And a career low in strikeouts. It misses his career high in homers by 3. HIs career high in OBP by .001, his career high in RBI by 5.

Decline? What decline.

10 Responses

  1. simon cowell

    I will have what he is drinking. I would like to rediscover my fountain of youth as well. I think that if I cannot get ahold of Mr. Votto I will have to catch up with Barry Bonds on the biking trail. Saw him yesterday. Looks like he could still hit em out of the park. I could care less if his head is twice is big as mine.

  2. gusnwally

    Would you mind terribly if I take a couple of those stats to Happy Hour tomorrow. I would like to show them to the great batsmen there. The ones that know more about hitting than Joey.We have more than a few.Oddly enough, I have gone thru my baseball encyclopedia at length and do not find any of their names. Strange huh.

  3. Scotly50

    Too bad those numbers weren’t during the same season.

  4. Jack

    Do you know what his longest hitless streak is,and how it compares to other great hitters? I wonder what Gwynns was.

  5. cfd3000

    He’s a joy to watch, with no decline in sight. If he stays healthy he’s a future hall of farmer. And he’s still the foundation for the next great Reds teams. Go Joey go.

  6. Scotly50

    Votto’s SO’s are down this year, which is great. He is striking out 12.6% of his PA’s vs a career 18.2%.

    He is 5th on the team in hits, behind even Hamilton. His hit per PA is 22.7%. Which is 5th on the team with Cozart at 29.4% leading the way. Peraza and Suarez are 2nd at 25%. Again even Hamilton is 23%.

    The modern stataticians view walks as equal to hits in their calculations. Maybe walks should be counted in AB’s since they are equally valued ???

  7. Da Bear

    Probably better to say BA is indifferent to walks…

  8. Jonathan

    what are the odds Votto gets 200 hits in a season since he walks roughly 100/year? He would have to have a BA of what? .360 and that would give him a OBP of…500ish right?