After taking two of three from the Cleveland Indians in a shortened Ohio Cup series, and repeating the act in taking two of three against the Phillies in Philadelphia, things have been looking up for the Cincinnati Reds. That is, until they arrived in Toronto last night. Lopsided scoreboards aside, there’s no denying the Reds are on the upswing. Let’s see who’s up and who’s down.

Three Up

Adam Duvall

Last 7 Days
.360/.360/.880  |  4 HRs, 11 RBI  |  219 wRC+ in 25 PAs


DuvAll-Star is heating up! Just in time to make a run at a second straight All-Star Game appearance, the Red’s cleanup hitter is really cleaning up. His 26 RBIs in May leave him tied with Dodger’s rookier Cody Bellinger for first in the majors. Of course a lot of this has to do with bodies being on the base paths when Duvall is at the plate, but there’s no denying the productivity.

The defense hasn’t been quite gold-glove caliber so far, as it was for much of 2016. But with Hamilton, Barnhart, Cozart and Suarez performing at elite levels in the field, it hasn’t really been missed. Jesse who?

Zack Cozart

Last 7 Days


The Reds shortstop continues to build his trade value, and has to have the Reds front office considering options that include Cozart staying with the team past 2017. He’s easily been the most valuable Red through this point in the season, and that’s with a red hot Eugenio Suarez and possibly the best Red in my lifetime in Joey Votto firing at all cylinders.

Cozart started hot, and hasn’t really cooled off at all. The sample size on the season is starting to get to a fair enough size to wonder if maybe we can file Cozart away in the late bloomer category. This newfound offensive prowess, when paired with his always-amazing defense, has made Cozart a top-10 player through this point in the season, and an early MVP candidate in the National League.

If the Reds do decide to unleash Cozart at the trade deadline, I’m not sure his value could be any higher.

Jose Peraza

Last 7 days
.316/.350/.316  |  0 BB  |  80 wRC+

While the statline itself doesn’t scream impressive, this is definitely production you’ll take from Jose Peraza after his frigid start to the season. Peraza is showing that he’s got a penchant for being dangerous on the basepaths, maybe not quite as dangerous as teammate Billy Hamilton, but enough to start looking at his base running as providing enough value to cover for a lack of patience at the plate.

He’ll need to take more walks, there’s no arguing that. But if Peraza can continue to build confidence in the other parts of his game slowly, some patience at the plate should come eventually.


Honorable mentions: Scott Schebler, Tim Adleman, Raisel Iglesias, Patrick Kivlehan, Tucker Barnhart, Scooter Gennett, 

Three Down

Billy Hamilton

Last 7 days
.238/.304/.238  |  25% K%  |  3 SB


Inconsistency has plagued Billy Hamilton’s 2017. There are times where he has completely taken over the game. Billy has shown the ability to put the team on his back and will them to a win. That ability is extremely rare in baseball, where a team’s success is a sum of all of its parts.

But there have been other times throughout the season, like the last week, where you wouldn’t be out of place asking if Billy is getting too many ABs. He’s 3 for his last 20, which isn’t good. He’s striking out 25% of the time – also not good. Hamilton will have to step it up if he’s going to be a stalwart in the leadoff spot.


The Starting Pitching

Last 7 days
4.78 ERA  |  6.34 FIP

These numbers will undoubtedly skyrocket after Lisalverto Bonilla’s implosion against the Blue Jays last night. The starters over the last week have been under replacement level, a place the Reds have been getting used to over the last year or so.

The Starting Pitching will remain here until things improve. As we’ve said before here at Redleg Nation, that probably doesn’t happen with the current cast of guys running out to the mound every fifth day. Fortunately, it looks like the calvary is coming. Maybe the likes of Homer Bailey, Anthony DeSclafani and Brandon Finnegan can rescue this group and get it back above replacement level. This unit might be the only thing holding this Reds team back from greatness.

Who were your three up, three down this week? Let us know in the comments!

5 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    For the first time in quite awhile I was expecting to see Votto in the 3 Down side, but I doubt he’d stay there even a full week, and he’s certainly not one of the three downest on this team this week. Just hoping for that Barhorst boost for the coming week. On the up side I’ll grudgingly accept Peraza, but only by comparison to his prior results. I have a hard time getting excited about a .666 OPS with no walks and no extra base hits and a WRC+ well below league average. If that’s his good week that’s not good enough for me to suggest he’s a long term major leaguer. There’s no one clearly ready to take his spot (though Scooter Gennett might disagree) so yes, let him play, but I remain unimpressed.

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    Six starters in DL at the same is a very tough situation, no organization can be prepared for such scenario

  3. HtownRedlegsFan

    “Fortunately, it looks like the calvary is coming.”

    I agree – I think Jesus Christ is the only person who could redeem our starting pitching at this point!

    • Matt V

      I also was thinking about snarking about Calvary vs. cavalry.

  4. Scott Carter

    I only noticed 2 Down, but then again the Starting pitching could be at leas three down all by itself.