Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (23-24) 5 7 1
Philadelphia Phillies (16-30) 2 3 0
W: Adleman (3-2) L: Nola (2-2) S: Iglesias (9)
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The Good
–Tim “Cy Young” Adleman was brilliant tonight, tossing eight shutout innings, surrendering just one hit along the way. It was the longest start of Adleman’s big league career, though he threw just 100 pitches. At one point, he retired 16 consecutive Phillies.

20 of the 24 outs recorded by Adleman tonight came via groundball or strikeout.

That’ll do, Timmy. That’ll do.

–Billy Hamilton led off the game with a walk, and the Reds were off to the races. Billy stole second, then stole third, then scored on a Joey Votto groundout. Classic BillyBall run.

After that, it was time for some power, as Adam Duvall blasted his 11th home run of the season. One inning later, Scott Schebler connected to deep center field for his 14th of the year.

Cincinnati held that 3-0 lead until the sixth, when Jose Peraza delivered a two-run single. Peraza has hit in 12 straight games.

–Duvall was 2-4 with two runs scored. Eugenio Suarez went 2-4, as well.

–Raisel Iglesias came on to get the last two outs for his 9th save. Iglesias’ ERA is down to 0.71 on the season.

The Bad
–With a 5-0 lead, Asher Wojciechowski came on to pitch the bottom of the ninth. It didn’t go well. After collecting a quick out, the Phillies went to work. Double, walk, double…and manager Bryan Price was forced to bring in Iglesias to put out the fire.

Wojciechowski will start on Tuesday in place of Amir Garrett, evidently.

–Joey Votto has been awfully good defensively, but he made an ugly error in the ninth, dropping a throw from Suarez.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–That’s three wins in four games for the fightin’ Redlegs, and they’re back to within a game of .500. The longer they hover around the break-even mark, the happier I am.

–Hamilton’s two SBs were his 24th and 25th stolen bases of the season. That leads the major leagues, as you might suspect. Not only does it lead MLB, it leads by a wide margin; Dee Gordon is second, with just 14 steals.

–Only Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Aaron Judge have more home runs than Scott Schebler.

–Adleman’s performance dropped his ERA from 6.19 to 4.95.

–Sorry for the late recap. My daughter’s softball team unexpectedly made it to the finals of their conference tournament today, so it ended up being a late night. I watched the Reds game on my phone at the ballfield.

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28 Responses

  1. GreatRedLegsFan

    What a difference a good outing can make, with that offensive and that bullpen this team could be easily fighting at the top. Hopefully Adleman and Feldman can perform more of those and Garrett can make it again after returning from injury. The other two spots, well, who knows…

  2. mdhabel

    Not a huge fan of Price using Iggy for one inning or less as often as he has lately. Maybe It has something to do with the high volume of innings the pen has thrown this month.

    Other than that, pretty solid game from the good guys

    • simon cowell

      I completely disagree. You go for the big gun in a high risk situation. That is what Price did. Imagine the Price crucifixion if he didn’t use Iglesias in that situation and the Reds lost? We will never know but to me if the Reds win the manager did his part. He put the Reds in a position to win it and so they did.

      • Chuck Schick

        “When the enemy is desperate drop the Daisy Cutter. Don’t wait for Adleman to remember he is Adleman”

        Maya Angelou

      • I-71_Exile

        Maya knows ordinance:

        The C-130 leaps
        on the back of the wind
        and soars oerhead
        till the current ends
        and dips its wings
        in the orange sun rays
        BLU-82 on hand.

      • mdhabel

        I was speaking more to the trend than the game last night. The 5-1 win Monday is a good example where Lorenzen pitched the 8th and Iglesias the 9th, when it didn’t seem necessary to use both in the same game

      • mdhabel

        From 4/7 to 5/9 he went 2 innings 5 times. Has not gone more than 1 inning since.

        He has pitched 6 times in the last 9 games.

      • Brian

        I kind of look at it differently. While I definitely agree there are times for two inning outings, if Lorenzen and Iglesias are both only used for one inning on any given night, then they are both likely to be available the next game as well. If you use either for 2 innings or more, they are potentially unavailable for the next two games. I really don’t have a problem with the 1 inning appearances, as long as the rest of the bullpen continues to pull their weight. JMO of course.

      • Chuck Schick

        They should both pitch as little as necessary, as often as possible.

      • [email protected]

        Let me be Devil’s Advocate: why not allow Adelman to go out and start the 9th? Only thrown 100 pitches and given up ONE hit. Unless he told Price, I’m done? Even Chris Welch was amazed Adelman was taken out. I’m just not a Price fan. Let somebody finish what they started plus he’s so darn bunt happy and it never works.

      • I-71_Exile

        Chris Welch is not a fan of pitch counts and stated after the game that pitchers rarely get a chance to throw a complete game 1-hitter in their careers. I can see where he’s coming from.

        Brian Price seems to be locked into pitch counts and stated that WoJo needed to get some work if he is going to start against Toronto. Whether that work can only happen in a game situation versus on the side depends on who you talk to.

        Looks like simply a difference of opinion/philosophy to me. This should also put to rest the idea that Brian Price is all that concerned about player stats. Dusty would have definitely rolled Adelman out in the ninth so he could get the CG. Brian Price? Not so much.

        I don’t have a problem with Brian Price. I think he does a good job overall. There is certainly room for improvement though—like with bunting. 🙂

  3. Geoff

    Only two games out of First Redlegs!!!!!

  4. cfd3000

    On the Bad side, Votto’s MLB season high on base streak ended last night at 27 games. A veritable slump. I predict he’ll break out of his slump and reach base 6 times this weekend to vent his frustration. Also, Peraza has a 12 game hitting streak. But I’m struggling to be impressed. He’s raised his average in that stretch from .235 to .254. He has nine straight one hit games with only one walk. He’s still 85th of 91 qualified NL hitters in OPS. Imagine what that would look like if he weren’t on a hot streak. You’ve heard it from me before but I’m not a Peraza fan.

    • brunsfam

      Yes, and his defense was horrific also. He started with a beautiful barehanded play on a high-hopper to make an out at 1st. Then he hung tight on 2 double play balls and turned them both. Then to top it off, he comes through with a clutch 2-out single to drive in 2 runs.
      There’s no doubt that at 23 years of age, this kid is just a helpful utility player at best!

      • cfd3000

        Point taken, he did have a good day yesterday, though I’m still not going to get too excited about 1 for 4 with a single that happened to be well timed. The issue I have is the idea of getting rid of Cozart and substituting Peraza instead for the long term. If you think that’s a good move we’ll just disagree. On the other hand I’m a Reds fan so if that’s what they do I’ll be rooting for Peraza to develop and thrive.

      • brunsfam

        I agree with you 100% – Cozart is a terrific player/leader and I hope they don’t trade him either. That’s not what I intended when defending Jose’s play. I’m certainly not on the trade Cozart bandwagon – but the front office will have to make that call.

        There’s a tendency to quickly judge a player’s career based on the latest sabermetric stat of the week. But we have no idea of the young man’s desire, attitude or work ethic. We do know Peraza has quick hands, a good arm and speed – those are great tools to start with. He just needs to learn to not let his quick hands get too far ahead. Let’s hope, that Jose and the other young guys (Schebler, Hamilton, Suarez & most of the pitching staff), will become a great Cincinnati Reds team.

    • Jim Walker

      I share your concerns about Peraza but his is just his age 23 season.

      By way of comparison, Dave Concepcion’s OPS+ for his age 23 season was 44 (354PA’s). Over the next dozen years, his OPS was >100 six times and he was a nine time All Star.

      Time will tell.

      • Chuck Schick

        Great points, Jim

        If the internet had existed in the early 70’s Dave Concepcion would’ve been roasted regularly.

  5. james garrett

    The key to this offense is if Billy and Peraza step up to and get their OBP up in the 320-330 range.If they do that then this team becomes much better.Billy scored the first run and Peraza drove in the last two with two out.The other guys in this lineup continue to produce.Votto was 0-4 and the Reds still put up 5 runs but Aldeman set the tone with his performance.Average middle of the pack starting pitching is all this team needs.Look out when some guys get back.

  6. Jim Walker

    Hamilton worked a leadoff walk and stole a run to set the tone with the help of a useful ground out from Votto . From there, the Reds went on to score four more runs in the game with no contribution for either one. That’s a big positive takeaway for me.

  7. David

    The deal with Adleman, and the statistics experts will doubtless shred this comment, is that he can be good, but infrequently. Really good pitchers are frequently good. Journeymen like Adleman will have good outings, and people will say “He’s turned the corner!”. Yet I would wager his next outing will not be very good. But yet, here we are, with him in the rotation. Probably a really nice guy, but does not have the talent to sustain a high level of performance like we saw last night, against a pretty weak offensive team.

    • Jim Walker

      I think you are probably very close on Adleman. He looks like a grinder that fills in the back end of a mediocre rotation or the long man behind a better rotation. Bonilla may also be a bit of a late bloomer who fits the same mold, perhaps slightly better.

    • David

      Probably likely. Yet, Adelman is probably a really good athlete, and he’s worked hard to get here. I hate to make comments that trash some guy who has worked his heart out to get to the Majors, and likely is a really good guy. Yet he is just what he is. A journeyman pitcher.

      • TR

        Until the once promising Reds starting pitching gets stabilized, I’ll take a journeyman pitcher like Adleman any day.

  8. Jim Walker

    Not excusing Votto for not catching that throw in the 9th; but, I’ll bet the throw was one nasty live mover that exploded just as it arrived to him.

    • Jim Walker

      Was it a bad throw? No. Should it have been caught? Yes.

      I’m guessing he “dropped” it because it suddenly was moving very late just like a pitch that smacks into and then squirts out of a catcher’s mitt for no apparent reason. The things we take for granted often aren’t as easy as they seem.

    • Jim Walker

      In HS, I caught and played 1B. Our two best pitchers alternated between the mound and SS. I saw some of their best stuff from time to time at 1B, especially when they had to double clutch or hurry a throw. I missed a couple I should have caught. They actually apologized afterward because they knew what had happened. But I’m sure that didn’t deter most onlookers from wondering how that fool at 1B missed a seemingly fine throw.