The Reds and Giants got involved in a 17 inning marathon this evening. Both teams were held scoreless from innings 6-16. It was Buster Posey who struck again against the Reds, hitting a walk-off home run off Robert Stephenson at 3:44 AM EST in the bottom of the 17th.

Patrick Jeter got us started with the recap, but had to bow out after 15 innings. I dozed off a couple times during this titanic struggle, but was somehow able to see it cross the finish line.

Final/17 innings R H E
Cincinnati Reds (19-16) 2 11 0
San Francisco Giants (13-24) 3 12 0
W: Gearrin (1-1) L: Stephenson (0-2)
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Late night notes

Billy Hamilton appeared to be suffering some cramps late in this one. He toughed it out, but you could tell he was in some serious pain. It was so bad that the Reds, who were out of position players, had Bronson Arroyo getting a glove on about to go out to play in the outfield.

Despite giving up the game winner, Robert Stephenson pitched fairly well. Most importantly he didn’t allow a walk in 2.1 innings. Stephenson also got his first career hit.

The Reds had their chances. They had a runner in scoring position in the 14th, 16th, and 17th innings.

It was a weird game. Joey Votto came up to the plate 8 times and didn’t walk.

Up Next:

It’s a quick turnaround for the Reds. I have a feeling both teams will let several players have the day off.

Reds at Giants
Saturday, 4:05 PM
TV: FOX Sports Ohio
Lisalverto Bonilla (7.20 ERA) vs Matt Moore (6.52 ERA)

16 Responses

  1. DHud

    Reds: “We’re going to be creative with the bullpen and use Lorenzen for multiple innings”

    Lorenzen: pitches 1 inning in a game that has extras written all over it

    But Blake Wood got 2 innings in, so I guess that counts for something, right?

    • CP

      Lorenzen had done so his last 3 appearances prior to last night. Go take a nap, you’re getting cranky!

      • DHud

        He’s pitched 20.1 innings in 15 games

        Hardly high usage

    • Phil Gasson

      They’re saving Michael for early relief tonight.

  2. Carl Sayre

    I take it you didn’t watch the debacle a starter must be able to pitch more than 2 plus innings, any pitcher can hang a pitch but he sat that on a T for Posey! I am sorry but I have not seen a single appearance to make me think he can pitch at the Big League level, I have seen pitches and even innings from him that make me giddy but the manager has to have some confidence in what he is going to get when he sends a pitcher out there! The Webster dictionary is going to use his picture under inconsistent next printing!

    • Big56dog

      Because he gave a HR to Buster Posey, he cannot start?
      everyone gives up HRs, maybe there is sound reasoning but every pitcher could be used in Webster not just Stephenson.


      Arroyo hung two pitches to Belt and Span but still pitched well. Posey is an All-Star so there’s no shame in hanging one to him. Unfortunately, it was a loss but Stephenson is pitching better. Reds had multiple chances to win the game earlier.

    • Proudpapa1

      Eh, a “hanging” pitch is generally considered one in the zone, up and over the plate. The pitch to Posey was up and out of the zone and outside. Posey guessed correctly where he was going and put a good swing on it. Stephensons command and demeanor have been looking better the last couple times out.

  3. bouwills

    I’m thinking Brice looks pretty effective so far & Wood is pitching as well as ever lately. Those 2 are our middle relievers right? After Iglesias, Lorenzen, Storen, Peralta, (& Cingrani when he returns). That’s a great bullpen. Stephenson looked pretty good until that last pitch- a room service fastball at the top of the zone & over the plate. Ouch.

  4. Simon Cowell

    Bob Steve was terribly lucky. He was not very good despite the stat line. The only pitch he could locate was his fastball which is of course what was knocked out. His curveball the one I observed was head level…. at end of its break. If all he can do is throw a fastball for strikes then goodness sake keep him in the bullpen. I can’t believe he has made it this far to be honest.

    Not sure who to give credit to the Giants pitching or whatever it was that had the Reds up there with an attitude of indifference. Looks to me like the whole team is slumping at once. Is that the Giants tuning in pitching wise or something distracting the Reds hitters?

    Curious to see how we bounce back after this loss.

  5. Nosferatu Man

    A lot of us were hoping to see Bob Steve as a starter in a close to prime time game. Instead, his time slot was opposite Coast to Coast in syndication. Hopes =/= reality.

  6. Jim Walker

    Looked like the Giants finally wised up and asked somebody from their farm system what it was that got Duvall out all those years he was in their org. Give Duvall credit for bearing down and taking two walks before he was double switched out.


    Good one. That was Dusty in San Diego.

  8. Jim Walker

    Stephenson was pitching like a reliever. He was bringing heat, consistently above 95, topping out at 98 several times and going at batters. By design or luck, he was pitching to the park. It figured that working into his 3rd inning and facing the heart of the Giants order that he might lose a little heat or miss a spot enough to be in trouble. Such is the fate of the last man up in a mrarthon game.

  9. james garrett

    It was a very very winnable game and one where we wasted a great effort by our starter and pen.It happens and you move on but it did appear we were kind of sleep walking throughout the same which I guess would be appropriate in an 17 inning game.Too many times and too many guys that didn’t get it done when we had the chance to score.Hard to get down on Peraza because of his youth but he is so much better as a hitter then he has shown.A slow roller with the infield in and it looked as if he swung flat footed with no stride at all

  10. Jim Walker

    If the Reds hang around in the Central Division (-0.5 games) and wildcard standings (1st team out; -1 game) to Memorial Day, they are going to have some big decisions to make as to whether they will give preference to long term or short term results.

    One of the biggest might be at 2B; but an extension for Scooter Gennett might serve the present and the future well. .Gennett just turned 27 and is under team control for two years; a 4 year deal might be very doable. On the back end of it, at worst they’d appear to a 30ish version of Ben Zobrist.