Final R H E
New York Yankees (21-9) 10 13 2
Cincinnati Reds (17-15) 4 11 1
W: Tanaka (5-1) L: Davis (1-2)
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The Good
–The Reds got their share of hits tonight. That’s something, I suppose.

–Joey Votto was 2-4 with a homer and 3 RBI. He is very good at hitting the baseball.

–The defense was solid. A couple of double plays and two outfield assists from Billy Hamilton.

The Bad
–The pitching. Lord. Where do we start?

–Drew Storen was awful. Yes, it’s true that Angel Hernandez wouldn’t now the strike zone if it kissed him on the nose, but that doesn’t excuse Storen hitting THREE batters.

–Rookie Davis was not good. He hasn’t been good at all really. I fully believe that he could be a good major league pitcher someday. But I don’t know if it’s this season. As much as anyone on the staff, I think he might benefit from the calming effects of the minor leagues.

–Also, Barrett Astin, welcome back to the big leagues.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Reds just finished their 32 game. They have won 17 of them. Last year, they didn’t win their 17th game until their 51st game (h/t Chad Dotson). Take a minute and do that math.

–Cody Reed had a rough day down in Louisville today. He went 2.2 innings and allowed 3 runs. I’m sure he was pitch-limited. But still.

–Eh, growing pains all of it. Reed and Davis and whoever else you want to throw in here. Many of your are aware that I work with high school students for a living. These guys aren’t much older. They’re unpredictable and they make mistakes, but they are also generally resilient. The Reds are one of the youngest teams in baseball. So relax everyone. Tomorrow is another day.

28 Responses

  1. Scotly50

    I am beginning to believe the Royals got us on Reed.

    • CP

      I don’t believe he was considered the centerpiece of the deal. At the time, Finnegan was.

      Anyway, it’s still far too early to tell. Pitcher development doesn’t occur in a straight line. Better prospects than Cody Reed have struggled early in their careers. Examples: Archie Bradley, Taijuan Walker, heck, Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto are two guys that took awhile to get their footing.

      • Scotly50

        I hope so. I thought Reed was the centerpiece of that deal though.

      • Matt

        Nah, Finnegan was definitely the headliner, with a few people’s analysis concluding Reed had possibly higher upside but with much less certainty.

  2. mdhabel

    Tough game but I really enjoyed listening to the Yankees broadcast. They talked about Crosley Field and gave Cincinnati a lot of respect as a baseball town. Knew their stuff. Really easy to listen to

    • liptonian

      I think that was all Paul O’Neill. I agree it was nice to hear him talk about Cincy in a nostalgic way.

  3. Chuck Schick

    A rebuilding team that might win 75 games played a team loaded with talent and unlimited resources. The result was utterly surprising.

    • Geoff

      The Reds will win more than 75 games this year. They will win at least 81.

      • Chuck Schick

        Maybe. However, the Brewers, Cardinals and Pirates are seemingly better than anticipated and the Cubs will go on a major tear at some point. The Reds aren’t good enough to consistently beat good teams and there likely won’t be a team they play 19 times that can be clobbered.

      • Dayton Ducks

        Well, I wouldn’t put the Pirates on that list–not right now, anyway.

  4. Jeffrey Copeland

    This year was always going to have games like this. It’s the winning that’s been more surprising. Pleasantly surprising. Go Redlegs! 82 wins or bust! 😉

    • Geoff

      I totally agree. This team going back to last year is 53-52 their last 105 games.

  5. wizeman

    I agree that Rookie Davis seems to need a go-around at AAA. As we cull thru the prospects I am getting a little frustrated that Stephenson is not getting a shot at starting. I know he is inconsistent… loses his delivery and walks come in clusters. However, when he is on… his stuff is something to behold. Still think he has a higher ceiling than Reed or Davis at this point.

    • brunsfam

      I think quality time with Ted Power is what Stephenson is getting. And that’s a good thing for a young man with lots of potential but maybe some mechanics & awareness to address. I also wish he’d get a few more innings, but it’s a long season.

  6. big5ed

    Jeez, how many years in the major leagues does it take for Joey Votto to learn not to go for ground balls hit way to his right? That very first play set the tone. He just can’t keep himself from doing that, and even did it later in the game.

    Peraza had the worst AB of the season in the fourth. Bases loaded, nobody out. First pitch: pop-out to second base on a pitch that was low and outside, although maybe on the black. Learn to hit, man, not just swing.

    • cfd3000

      Agreed. He’s been disappointing. In his last at bat when it didn’t matter and there was an opportunity to see some pitches he did. Sort of. Saw five pitches total and swung, yep, five times. You’re not Vladimir Guerrero dude. The only way to get better is to get more selective. If Dillon Herrera is healthy I’d be fine to send Peraza to AAA and say “You come back up if you’re hitting .289 or better AND your OBP is at least 60 points higher.” Otherwise I’m not seeing a major league hitter at all.

    • VaRedsFan

      I disagree with where that pitch was. (rewound the DVR to verify) It was center cut down the middle of the zone. No problem with him swinging at that one…he just popped it up.

      That doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be more selective…as he swings at his fair share of bad ones

  7. bouwills

    First time in a while that the bullpen has let us down. 5 ER in 4.2 innings. Peraza remains an undisciplined hitter. I’m not sure he couldn’t use some time at Louisville & let Gennett or Alcantara play some 2nd. As for Cozart, what law would be broken if the Reds traded him for prospects and then signed him as a free agent this winter? That worked for the Yankees & Chapman. Plus Reds would have a couple months to see if Peraza can handle the job.

    • Chuck Schick

      The main driver in trading Cozart is not paying someone 5 million plus to play SS when you can pay Perraza 550k.

      I suppose only the laws of logic would be broken in re-signing Cozart for potentially more than he is paid now

    • Jim Walker

      Just as with Brandon Phillips as he aged, there are already plays Cozart used to regularly make that he is making less frequently. Our eyes and minds tend to be distracted by his reinvention of his offensive game; but the signs are there that he is aging as a middle infielder.

      2 years from now…… Cozart will no longer be an elite defensive shortstop. Peraza looks like he could be. Close to $10M has been sunk into Alfredo Rodriguez in the belief he will be an elite defender at SS. The Reds will likely be juggling balls to keep Nick Senzel and Eugenio Suarez simultaneously in the line up. Where would the aging and highly paid Cozart fit into the picture?

  8. james garrett

    We out hit em but walked 7 guys,hit 3 more,hit into 4 double plays,scored nothing after having the bases loaded and no outs,scored nothing after getting two men on and no outs twice and Billy hits into a double play.Oh yeah we didn’t pitch very well either.

  9. james garrett

    I’ll take a 75 win season if we do all the sorting we need to do so we don’t have just warm bodies starting next year.Guess we really should be shocked at our record based on the starting pitching.

  10. big5ed

    Agreed. I hope that Stephenson, Davis and others were paying close attention. Command is better than velocity.

  11. cfd3000

    Bad game but those happen. But Rookie and the bullpen (save Peralta) were awful and, Peraza was a black hole at the plate. BHam had a weird night. One nice hit and a run, and two outfield assists, but also two GIDP. The first was the 3-6 tag out kind that will happen from time to time and has nothing to do with the speed of the hitter, but I’m willing to bet he hasn’t hit into two in a game before, and may never again. Just one loss to a good team. Except for a closer look at Peraza and Davis it’s just a forget it and move on night for me.

  12. james garrett

    Have to throw strikes in the big leagues but the guys with the best stuff struggle because they are young.The guys Feldman,Bronson,Adleman and even Storen have been around awhile and they have lost a lot of velocity so they tend to nibble.In both cases you end up with a staff that walk a lot of hitters.The problem for me right now is that I believe we have 4 guys in the pen with starter experience and at least two in the minors that will do just as good as our 4 starters and probably better.I am sure the Reds see that and are just biding their time and know it will get better once the guys come back from injury and they finish sorting out the rest.Untill then I expect more of what happened last night to continue.We are still a much much better team then last year.You could argue if we had Homer,Disco and Finny going out there every 5th day we would have a much better record.Our defense is good,our pen is good and our offense is good but could be much much better with more patience and I think it will be.Will we win 80 games?No more like 75 but we are heading in the right direction.

  13. Patrick

    If Rookie cannot get his off speed pitches over for strikes then he should not be in the show. He needs to develop a good third pitch. All I saw last night was fastballs and sliders, and the sliders were never or rarely thrown for strikes.

  14. IndyRedMan

    The Reds should touch base with the Padres about Trevor Cahill. He’s a 5-6 inning guy as a starter but holding hitters to a .195 average with a 3.06 era. He was great out of the pen last year for the Cubs as well! He’s 29 and not making that much….could help the Reds for a few years. We supposedly have a top-10 farm system so work something out. They won’t start Lorenzen and Reed/Stephenson/Rookie don’t look they can hack it plus everyone else is hurt. Its going to be a shame to waste a good offensive/defensive roster for the next few years because the starting pitching is so poor!

  15. VaRedsFan

    Also agree. Getting 4 runs in a game vs. Tanaka is about all you could ask for. Great control…great movement as you mentioned.