The Reds announced Thursday morning that they have optioned lefthander Cody Reed to AAA Louisville and called up right handed reliever Austin Brice to take his place on the roster.

Reed’s demotion comes on the heels of his Wednesday night performance which saw him walk 4 batters and allow a 2 run home run over a 2 inning stint.

Per C. Trent Rosecrans  of  the Cincinnati Enquirer, here is what Reds manager Bryan Price said about Reed’s demotion:

“The one message we want to send to everybody in our organization is you have to be able to throw strikes. That’s the No. 1 prerequisite to coming to the major leagues,” Price said on Thursday. “You have to be able to throw strikes……. 

“I don’t know what it is specifically that’s allowed him (Reed) to struggle a bit with his command this year compared to what we see in spring training a year ago and again, this spring. But his command hasn’t been nearly as good as we saw when we initially had him in Double-A, Triple-A and spring training a year ago.”

Check out Rosecrans’ complete article about Reed’s demotion here.

This demotion is the latest setback for Reed who at this time last year appeared on a fast track to become a high impact starter for the Reds after coming to the organization from the Kansas City Royals in the Johnny Cueto deal at the 2014 trade deadline.

Reed was first brought to the major leagues by the Reds in mid June of 2016 on the heels of an impressive two and half month run at AAA Louisville to open the 2016 season. However with the Reds in 2016, Reed struggled with his command and control.  In 10 starts he compiled a 7.06 ERA (6.36 FIP) and was sent back to AAA in mid August. He was recalled to the Reds later in the 2016 season but saw no further game action.

Reed’s struggles with control continued this spring.  He found himself by passed for a regular rotation spot by rookies Amir Garrett and Rookie Davis. Reed  was working somewhat irregularly out of the major league bullpen when he was given a spot start April 22 while Davis was on the DL.  The start was a disaster for Reed and the Reds. In just two inning Reed walked 4 and surrendered 2 home runs on his way to allowing 7 earned runs. The fateful appearance Wednesday was Reed’s second relief appearance since that start.

Additional data from Fangraphs

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  1. james garrett

    I don’t know what the data says but throwing strikes is essential to success,I do wonder how others walks per inning compare to Reed’s.I would hope he becomes a starter and when he comes back up he takes a spot in the rotation.

    • Jordan Barhorst

      Cody Reed leads the team in BB% at 24.6%

      The top five (min 10 IP) are –

      Reed – 24.6%
      Finnegan – 20.5%
      Stephenson – 16.9%
      Davis – 13.2%
      Feldman & Wood – tied at 11.3%

      Bottom five (min 10 IP) are –
      Adleman – 4.6%
      Lorenzen – 5.9%
      Peralta – 6.7%
      Storen – 7.0%
      Arroyo & Garret – tied at 8.2%

      The only player not on this list with 10 IP, Raisel Iglesias, has a 9.1 BB%

      • Jordan Barhorst

        For reference, a 4.5 BB% is ‘Excellet’ according to fangraphs. 9.0% is ‘Awful’. ‘Average’ is 7.7%. The majority of Reds pitchers are ‘Awful’ or worse.

      • reaganspad

        What that says is that Adleman is excellent at not giving up walks and that Lorenzen should be starting right now

        no idea why he did not pitch the 9th today at 22 pitches thru 7 & 8

        He was warm and dealing. I’ll bet he would have closed the game in under 35 pitches, and Iggy would not have pitched 2 days in a row headed into a new series

  2. seat101

    I accidentally posted this in an old thread.

    Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been reading a lot. But haven’t had anything interesting to say.

    But I think it’s time for me to tell you all that I have decided to join Mr. Cossack in “abject acceptance’.

    I am enjoying the wins and not busting a gut over the losses.

    Try it, you’ll like it.

  3. Scotly50

    Reed needed to go somewhere. He just has not got it done. Hitters are just sitting on his fastball. He has nothing else he throw for a strike.

  4. Redgoggles

    So, it appears that Price finally has enough options to hold players accountable. Either enough options, or the GM’s support. I’m still optimistic on Reed, especially if he is put in Louisville’s rotation. It could be a sign that they are sending a message, but also stretching him out and giving him an opportunity to come back up as a starter as soon as possible. It’s really up to him. Go Cody!

    • David

      I think that’s the best spin on this. Reed does have a lot of physical talent. Starting and working innings in AAA is one way to get him straightened out. Getting intermittent work in the bullpen because the manager has lost faith in you is not going to really solve his problems. He is hardly the first promising pitcher in baseball to have a setback like this. Nolan Ryan led the league in strikeouts AND walks a lot of years. Sandy Koufax took YEARS to finally straighten out his control problems. He was really wild when he was young.


      I agree Redgoggles. I want him to do well but last night I kept shaking my head. He can’t throw strikes. Even Chris Welsh was saying he’s opening up towards 3rd base. His delivery isn’t consistent. Of course, George Grande said everything’s “great”.

  5. joshtrum

    If he is starting and there is someone who can work with him to get things right, then this is the best move. I know Reed has two great pitches, but maybe they add something to his repertoire to work on. That way if this is all mental, he can at least work something else in to take his mind off of his lack of confidence

    • Jim Walker

      Personally, I think just knowing he was going to get the ball every 5 days to go out and start a game would be a great first step in setting him straight.

      The knock on Reed last season when he was struggling at the MLB level was that his fastball had gone “flat”, i.e. it had lost its vertical movement other than predictable trajectory caused by gravity and thus was very hittable. There was talk that he was throwing it from a different “arm slot” than when he’d pitched well in the minors. Quite possibly his wildness now stems from trying to rediscover the sweet spot to release his fastball from. So, it isn’t a given that his issue is solely or even primarily “mental”.

  6. Carl Sayre

    Reeds lack of control was criminal but if him getting sent down is like a death sentence the Bob Steve is doing at least multiple life sentences! I cannot make myself accept that his ceiling is high enough to put up with his absolute “LACK” of production! I am looking for a way to get my point across……………………….HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. cfd3000

    I still see plenty of potential with Reed. If he gets regular starts at AAA then that’s exactly where he needs to be right now. Confidence. Consistent mechanics. He has the ability – we’ve seen it, and even this year with 8 no hit innings in relief to start the year – but occasional mop up innings in Cincinnati won’t resolve either of those issues. Good luck Mr. Reed.

  8. CaliforniaRed

    I believe Reed will be a very good MLB starting pitcher, hopefully in the near future. I am tired of Bryan Price on many levels and a new skipper can’t come soon enough. On another note, why isn’t Ariel Hernandez in the bigs?

  9. Jim Walker

    Be interested to hear your thoughts of why Price or whomever cooked up the plan for Reed and Stephenson and what they hoped to accomplish with it.

    • Jim Walker

      I certainly agree with your final two sentences. Otherwise I guess we will never know. I’ve been crunching some numbers on possible service time implications in regard to the exact timing of this move but so far nothing is jumping out at me.

  10. Simon Cowell

    It’s just one month in folks…. Nothing is a disaster and we are actually playing better than expected

  11. ScottyA

    Sending Bailey back to AAA eventually did work after a few trips back and forth. Let’s hope he can get his head on straight and gain some confidence. He looked dominating in one spring training game against the Angels. Looked the same in a few of his 2 inning bullpen outings and then the wheels fell off. It does appear similar to Bailey’s first few years.

    BTW Bailey is headed back by end of June (if there are no setbacks).

  12. Michael W.

    Once again, people want to point the finger at the manager and say it is his fault that Reed is failing up here. The dude can’t throw strikes, plain and simple. That is not Brian Price’s fault. I am not a Price defender, but do get tired of everyone blaming the manager for this team’s lack of production.

    It is on the players on the field, period. Our pitching staff was mediocre at best until Brian Price came around. The guy knows how to handle pitchers. If he was challenging both Reed and Stephenson, so be it. It is them who are failing when being challenged. If you are not getting better while playing, then you are getting worse. These 2 guys don’t seem to do anything different, thus keeping getting the same results of walk after walk after walk. They are wasting their opportunity and talent big time by not growing up and becoming a real pitcher who is willing to change their approach and work on their craft.

  13. james garrett

    You can’t give up on Reed and as Disco did two year agos and Finny did last year and Garrett appears to be doing so far this year learning to pitch at the big league level can at times be very humbling.Reed and Stephensen have not got the same chances so we get to see the warm bodies go out there while we discuss what little bit we see them pitch out of the pen and how bad their control is.Give them 20 or 25 starts the rest of the year and let them show they can or can’t.

    • Playtowin

      They have not done anything to earn 25 big league starts. This is not neighborhood little league ball.

  14. Playtowin

    Price is not the problem. The organization signed off on the handling of Reed, Stephenson, Garrett, Lorenzen, and all the others. Redd and Stephenson have not earned anything. Stephenson will sent down if he does not show something soon.

  15. james garrett

    Disco,Finny or Garrett did anything to earn their starts either.In fact Finny was a reliever when he came over in the trade with the RoyalsDisco had just started a few games for the Marlins and nobody though Garrett would make the team out of spring training since he hadn’t pitched but a handful of games at AAA.I believe Finny also lead the league last year in walks or was close to leading.All 3 were just threw into the fire and still have good games and bad games just like any first or second year pitcher will do.Reed/Stephensen need to be given the same chance.