We’ve been marveling over this guy since his big league debut, but: Ariel Hernandez might already be elite, says Jeff Sullivan over at FanGraphs:

Hernandez is right there with Kimbrel and McCullers in curveball speed, horizontal break, and vertical break. Hernandez also throws 98, and he has better control than ever before. I don’t know how much more there is to need to see. I suppose we need to know how much Hernandez has truly improved his location. But if he has even half of a clue, good heavens.

Go read the whole piece and be amazed. Then remember this: the Reds got Hernandez for free!

6 Responses

  1. sandman

    Ok, after one big league appearance? But, what do you mean, “we got him for free”?

    • Simon Cowell

      rule 5 draft pickup. Literally cost the Reds nothing.

      • Keith

        Well, it literally cost the Reds $12,000. MLB rule 5 picks are $50,000. So close, but not quite free.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Actually this past year the price went up to $100,000 for MLB rule 5 picks.

  2. Simon Cowell

    his BB to K ratio is terrible… very far from elite.

    • Travis

      Are you basing your facts on 2017? Or from when he was 16 in rookie ball lol there is such thing as a pitcher working on his stuff and improving! This is not a fluke what you are seeing is pure determination and hard work! Give the man some credit