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  1. joshtrum

    When it comes to the lineup, it’s a lose, lose for Price. Even if he did something like 1)Peraza, 2) Cozart, 3)Votto, 4)Suarez 5)Duvall 6) Schebler 7)Barnhart 8)Pitcher 9)Hamilton, your whole lineup has to produce to win. Right now this team is hot or not. I think it’s the youth that leads to non-consistency, and the early time of the year. We got spoiled by a hot start and forgot how young and new this team is(myself wearing the collar too). Tonight sucks, the losses to the cubs and brewers sucks, but these are two of the hotter teams in baseball(one the world champs, the other a player who is spanking us with homers), and just remember: no matter what better days are ahead.

  2. Chad Dotson

    I don’t understand all the frustration with Hamilton and Peraza at the top of the lineup. Those guys have a 1.037 OPS. That’s pretty awesome!

    There could be a flaw in my analysis, but I’m not sure where.

    • steven ross

      Last 10 games:
      Hamilton: 6 for 39, .154/.250
      Peraza: 6 for 42, .143/.200

      Maybe that’s why?

  3. Kyle Sea

    Oh how hard it was to write this up! Jk lol

      • Kyle Sea

        No my child, there is always beauty in this beatific world. And Votto at-bats.

  4. Shaun

    Is it to soon to start thinking that maybe Cozart and Barnhart should bat 1 and 2.

    • Chad Dotson

      Cozart career OBP: .294
      Hamilton career OBP: .296
      Peraza career OBP: .322 (.341 minors)
      Barnhart career OBP: .317
      Schebler career OBP: .317 (.342 minors)
      Suarez career OBP: .323 (.361 minors)
      Duvall career OBP: .289 (.338 minors)

      I’m not sure there’s a good answer on this roster for the top of the order. Other than the guy who has a career on-base percentage of .423.

      • Geoff

        The Reds have scored the fourth most runs in baseball. Obviously offense isn’t the problem.

      • Big56dog

        I remember a few years back everyone every one clamoring about why is Cozart with low OBP batting 2nd. I think it is obvious the issue is both Hamilton and Peraza at top, if one bats leadoff and one bats 9th and hit Votto 2nd, I think most would be happy.
        The most frustrating thing is the 2 games with Baltimore where you got outstanding Starts and offense was horrible against very mediocre pitchers, then Lorenzen blows the game Friday

      • citizen54

        I like that idea. Either bat Votto 1st or 2nd. No point in batting him third when the guys in front of him can’t get on base. You might as well give your best hitter the most at bats.

  5. sandman

    Unfortunately how the Reds are playing the game right now isn’t working. Joshtrum, I wish those “better days ahead” were already here!

  6. Hanawi

    I’ll be happy to not see Thames hit against the Reds again until June after tomorrow. He’s only six away from tying Gehrig’s record for homers against one team in a season.

  7. The_next_Janish

    A double Milton, that’s a rarity.

  8. Jay King

    Hamilton sure is struggling reminds me a lot of last year before he took off. Maybe its time to bat him 9th or 8th again to get his head back on. He must have forgot too the advise that Votto gave him last season about taking some pitches too. For the time being I wouldn’t mind seeing the batting order go like this.


    If this is not the lineup I feel like someone else should get a shot at leadoff, maybe for a week or two and Hamilton needs to remember what his job is again.

    • Jack

      Give Ervin a shot in right. Schebler isn’t the answer. Can’t stand watching him anymore.

    • Big56dog

      Do not bat Cozart 2nd or leadoff, I repeat do not… and do not sign an over 30 SS on a hot streak, sell high – hopefully he does not regress to carrer numbers or his awful 2nd half until he is traded before deadline

  9. Mike Adams

    Seems to me the problem the last ten games is not hitting but pitching.
    We are losing by scores like 9 to 1. Even if all the hitters improved, we would probably still be losing by 9 to 7/8.
    I think the current problem is 80% pitching and 20% hitting, line up construction, lack of walks etc.
    This is an off the top of my head comment, I did not go back and analyze game scores.

  10. cfd3000

    Hamilton looks lost right now. I’m not sure what the answer might be – more bunting to mix things up? Some Rod Carew style fouling off good pitches practice? Velcro’d to Votto until a light comes on? Time on the bench for a mental regroup? And Peraza isn’t any better – a little more hitting and a lot less walking than BHam but otherwise not much good at the top of the order. Why not shake things up and move Schwarber I mean Suarez to lead off and Cozart to the two spot?

    And what’s up with Robert Stephenson? He was a human batting tee last night. What’s the move there? He might be the biggest unfulfilled upside in recent Reds history. How can the Reds unlock the magic in his right arm? It’s frustrating to watch guys with plenty of talent not get any better with experience, and in some cases get worse. Right now, thank goodness for the few guys who are getting it done – Suarez, Cozart, recent Votto and almost half the bullpen.

  11. sultanofswaff

    Saw the same thing. Schebler cost the team 2 runs, not that it mattered. I’m just not a believer in the guy. Not sure Ervin is the answer, but his defense is better.

    • Big56dog

      My impression is he was decent RF, poor choice for CF, what is the take on his defense overall?
      I think what the Reds will find out neither he or Duvall will be 150 game/season type players. Maybe start a platoon once Winker or even Ervin get the opportunity.

  12. sultanofswaff

    Feldman was clearly losing it around 80 pitches, Price had a rested bullpen because he refused to compete the night before, and yet he left the guy out there to whither on the vine.

    Stephenson looked shell shocked in the dugout. You have to feel for the guy. That said, I saw a glimmer of hope after all the fireworks—he settled down and just pitched, none of the manic twitchiness. That’s the guy who’s going to have success in the bigs.

    All that said, I’m sorry, but Barnhart has to get a share of the blame for Stephenson’s struggles. Where was the changeup? Didn’t see but a couple, and that wasn’t until afte the damage was done. This insistence on ‘establishing the fastball’ doesn’t work all the time is dogmatic. Some pitchers have more success pitching backwards. With an amped up kid vs. a salivating Brewers lineup, soft-soft was the better strategy.

    Astin doesn’t impress me at all.

  13. Scott Carter

    My Big take away from last night was Schebler’s poor defense in right. Ok anyone can drop a ball on occasion, but then on very next hit hit ball to not hustle for it and then toss a balloon to second while another run scored. It does not matter if you are getting beat, give effort, you get to play this game and get paid for it. I can’t say Schebler won’t make it but last night I dropped off of his bandwagon.

    • TR

      I’ve never been a Schebler fan. He doesn’t have the requisite rifle arm needed for right field, i.e. Paul O’Neil, Jay Bruce. I agree he fits better in the AL as a DH. It has nothing to do with his talent, but the mouthpiece to me is a distraction. It’s time to give Ervin a run in right field to see what he can do.