A Cincinnati Reds game recap in six tweets:

A Cincinnati Reds game recap in 700 words:

The Reds, unlike my streaming capabilities, went today, beating the (now super hip that they’ve had some success) Chicago Cubs 7-3. If nothing else, the main takeaway from this game on my end is an answer to the age-old question: If the Reds play and you can only watch them on MLB Gameday, did they even play at all? Yes, yes they did.

Cincinnati Reds 7 | Chicago Cubs 5 

The Good

Bronson Arroyo put together his best start of his comeback tour with a 6.0 inning, 3-hit effort. The long-haired, guitar-playing dynamo also peppered the zone, striking out seven and walking none. Other than Anthony Rizzo dropping the hammer on a butterfly of a slider, Arroyo managed to navigate the fearsome Cubs lineup like the savvy veteran he is. Arroyo has taken some flack this year from pretty much everyone, but these are the kind of days where the nostalgia feels worth it.

Not Jay Bruce had himself day as well, with a home run and an RBI single to put the Reds up for good. Schebler hasn’t had a great year so far, but having a third of your hits leave the stadium is a nice fun fact to drop at the bar on off days.

Wandy Peralta continued his dominant bullpen performance, shutting down a brief Cubs rally started by Blake Wood. You can still get an authentic Peralta jersey for $130 so now is the time to invest and ride this coattail all the way to the All Star Game this July (hopefully).

Billy Hamilton did exactly what he’s paid to do in the first inning, singling and then stealing his way to third. Joey Votto did what he’s paid to do and got Billy in (by sacrifice fly, which is a shame but a run all the same). And Jose Peraza did what he’s paid to do by coming to the plate in between the two and having no impact at all.

The Bad

Raisel Iglesias pitched well in the sense that the Reds won and his arm didn’t fall off, but pitched very very poorly in terms of fundamentals. Making an error on a pickoff with a three-run lead and three outs to go is inexcusable. Granted, Iglesias did run into a bit of bad luck in sawing off Jason Heyward but still having it land for a hit, and Iglesias did work his way out of a bigger jam magnificently, but still, inexcusable.

Not So Random Thoughts

I would say that this start probably kept Bronson Arroyo in the rotation through May but that would mean the Reds actually have bodies with working arms that could take his place. Anyways, the good ole boy did good.

Real Madrid is tied with FC Barcelona at the moment in El Classico, and I have never been more glad that our superstar (Joey Votto) is closer in personality to Lionel Messi than Cristiano Ronaldo. Imagine if the Reds had A-Rod, and we had to be proud of him.

I should invest in MLB.tv.

To commemorate Phillip Ervin’s first ever at-bat, which did result in a Reds run I might add, the Reds social media team decided to tweet this abomination of a graphic. Phillip Ervin deserves better; we all deserve better.