With Tony Cingrani going on the DL for an oblique strain, reports on Twitter indicate the roster spot will be filled by outfielder Phil Ervin. Sam Dykstra, reporter for MiLB had it first:

The Louisville Bats followed suit.

Nothing official from the Reds.

Check back here for updates this afternoon.

Rule Clarification: The Reds could have called Jesse Winker back to the major league team. There’s a rule that players have to spend at least 10 days back in the minor leagues after a call-up. But there’s an exception to that rule in the case where a player on the major league roster goes on the DL. So Winker could have been called up. The Reds chose Ervin over Winker.

That makes sense if this is just another couple-day move. It’s less disruptive to Winker and spreads the sitting-on-the-bench-and-not-playing around.

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  1. The Duke

    Give him a start. Schebler is pressing right now and just not swinging a good bat.

    • ScottyA

      Exactly what I was thinking. Certainly would put Ervin’s feet to the fire (Lester pitching).

      Much deserved for Phillip Ervin.

    • CaptainHook

      That might be why Ervin got the call. He is a better fit in RF than Winker.

  2. RedAlert

    Calling him up for what ???- so Price can keep the bench warm like he does with everyone else that comes up ??? Then makes no changes to the top of the order when Hamilton and Perraza couldn’t hit their way out of a soaking wet paper bag. Price remains as clueless as he was 3 years ago when he was hired.

    • I-71_Exile

      Pretty much every post by RedAlert contains the words “Brian Price” and “clueless”. I think there must be a personal history there—maybe involving wedgies?

      • RedAlert

        Not hardly – he stinks as a manager, period ! Good pitching coach , manager not so much.

  3. spaulson50@gmail.com

    Put him in RF. Can’t do any worse than Schebler.

  4. I-71_Exile

    Interesting. Maybe Ervin really has turned some heads…or maybe not.

  5. Scott Carter

    Have to remember, this year is not about winning, it is about sorting. Bringing guys like Romano up for one start, Winker and Ervin for couple of At Bats. Is all about giving them a taste of the Big Leagues, let the first time nerves get settled, see if they want more. With Schebler it is about seeing if he can play full time and so far, if we are only going by this year, the sample size is too small. Bench him now in favor of Winker or Ervin and we may find out what either of those two can do or not do, but we will never find out about Schebler. He may or may not be apart of the next Reds team but if he does put it together, he may also be a nice trade piece.

    • Big56dog

      It is not just about Schebler, Hamilton and Peraza are doing nothing to show they are valuable in everyday line-up- Schebler is on poor streak but Reds need to find someone who can actually hit at top of order, especially if you insist batting Votto 3rd

      • Frogger

        To me, this is Hamilton’s last year to do that. He is on his third full season. If he can’t get it done this year I think they should bat the second best hitter 1 and Votto 2. It has looked to me like the table-setters did the exact opposite one would hope the last few games. Swing and look helpless at the plate in nearly every at bat. There are games they get me really excited, like everyone I hope, I hope, I hope… But there is no reason those two should be swinging at anything the pitcher throws immediately out of the gate. And for God’s sake if it ain’t straight and you don’t have any strikes take it anyway.

      • Big56dog

        He is on his 4th, 2014 was not bad for 1st year, 2015 was awful on base wise but proved his worth in the field, last season improved but missed a big chunk, this season he is back to 2015 numbers after a decent start

  6. Big56dog

    isn’t Bonilla still on the team, Stephenson can go long if needed has not pitched in a week, they go through those guys tonight, Bonilla gets sent down… is Rookie Davis able to come back Sat?

  7. Big56dog

    They are at a point that 3 catchers might not be the worst with a 5 man bench. Scooter and Alcanta can play multiple positions and any one at AAA might not be worth taking away from developmental time- assuming Turner is above replacement level

  8. Jim Walker

    I’m glad for Ervin to have the shot.
    I believe if they had used the injury loophole and brought Winker back with less than 10 days back down that he would have been granted service time for the days spent at AAA this week. This is perhaps an indication that perhaps they looking to make the double dip of an extra year of control and avoiding Super2 status for Winker?

  9. Streamer88

    Does anyone who follows our minor league system actually think Ervin is ready for the show? His eye will play, but do guys batting .240 at upper levels of the minors become productive MLB players? Not a loaded question, I’m curious.

  10. Frogger

    Part of me wants to see Ervin get a start against the Cubs in CF and RF. The lack of patience with Reds hitters has really bugged me the past couple of games. I understand the principle with balls in play having better percentages of being hits in 2016 and 2017 than previous seasons. It doesn’t work though if you are feebly swinging at pitches the pitcher wants you to swing at. They did exactly what Miley and Jiminez wanted them to do. Rough couple of games for me to watch that’s for sure, and last night was another reminder for robot umps.

    • brunsfam

      While I believe there were some missed balls/strikes, the umpire was the same for both teams. Both teams had some very weak at-bats. You have to credit the pitching sometimes.
      That said, the Reds line-up is pressing and I’m not sure why. They looked as if they were guessing the entire night. Getting comfortable and taking what the pitcher gives you just doesn’t seem to be part of the Reds’ hitting approach. You don’t have to tear the cover off the ball in every at-bat – ask JJ Hardy. the Reds hitting coach has his work cut out for him.