If you haven’t seen this yet, I thought I’d link it up here. Over at Cincinnati Magazine, I detailed at least ten reasons to be excited about the 2017 Reds:

Baseball is back!

Though for some of you, that should probably read: baseball is back (no exclamation point). I get it. The Cincinnati Reds have lost 192 games the last two years, a boatload of bad baseball.

But hope springs eternal. With the Reds off to a hot start to the 2017 season—two shutouts in a weekend series in St. Louis? Be still my beating heart—I’ve noticed what seems to be a little more optimism among the Reds faithful. And why shouldn’t there be more optimism? Things are looking up for the ol’ Redlegs, right?

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m excited about the 2017 version of the Reds. Here are ten reasons why.

Go check out the entire piece, then come back here and let me know what you think.

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  1. sandman

    Every time I try to go read an article about the Reds on the Cincinnati Magazine site, I get a warning that pops up on my phone’s screen, saying there are problems with the security of the site’s certificate. What’s this mean? Is there something wrong with the Cincinnati Magazine site?

    • Jim Walker

      I’ll take a shot at this since it is (sort of) related to my former line of employment….

      Your, browser is sending the message because it cannot create a “secure” (private) channel between your device and the website. This means that potentially someone else could monitor the connection and read the data moving through the connection.

      This is the difference between HTTP:// and HTTPS:// if you’ve ever noticed them at the start of a link address. The “S” on the end means secure channel, without the “S” the connection is “open” meaning not private.

      Encryption is used to make a secure or private connection. “Certificates” are digital documents used in the encryption process. Certificates are issued by “trusted authorities” and affirm that a website is who it claims to be as well as providing the “key” to provide encryption for secure connections with the website. Certificates have start and end dates and are considered valid only between those dates.

      The message you are seeing means that your device thinks the certificate at the cincy magazine site is invalid because either because the site name on the certificate doesn’t match the site link address or it was issued by a “trusted authority” not recognized by your browser as such or it has expired.

      I use Chrome most of the time. Here is a link to its explanation of this issue. Even if you use a different browser it should help explain the exact warning you receive.


      • Jim Walker

        And in all that verbosity, I avoided the question of who is at fault; but, I get the same indications as you…..

      • sandman

        Jim, thanx for explaining. What I would now like to know is since the connection isn’t private does that open my phone for viruses or just anything or anyone dangerous?

      • Jim Walker

        I’m not really comfortable commenting on this. The extent of my direct knowledge is years ago helping web guys acquire and install certs on their sites so they could do HTTPS/ SSL.

        Just in general, I would say be aware that viruses and malware have a way of showing up about any and every where, potentially even on sites that require HTTPS for connection.

        I believe the best practice is to use antivirus/ anti malware software and above all be cautious and diligent about sites you visit and links you click on from any site.

        I do access the links on the specific site in question; but, that is my choice and my risk for myself.

  2. Geoff

    Going back to the All Star Break last year this team is 43-41. I think as long as the starting pitching can be decent they might contend for second place this year. Hoping for them to get back on track today!

  3. Jim Walker

    I want to be as optimistic as Chad but the situation with the starting pitching is holding me back some. If we’ve learned anything over the last three years, it should be that stability begins and ends with the starting rotation. The sooner the kids are working 1-5 in the rotation sooner the Reds will eventually have a stable rotation and be ready to truly move forward. Use the kids now and work out Disco and Homer returning after we know they are ready.

    • Dewey Roberts

      Arroyo and Feldman do not appear to be capable. All 4 losses this year have come when they started games. We need at least one pitcher with talent and experience to lead the young guns, but neither one of these guys are the answer in my opinion.

  4. jmussa2015

    Been a fan now since 1965, and while I’ve surfed the big waves gladly and survived the undertows, I’m really intrigued by this bunch. I resisted jettisoning Bruce with all my heart and soul, and yet I find, oddly, that extricating the complicated and high-maintenance aspects of JB’s idiosyncrasies has allowed me to just watch and enjoy the process. For instance, I don’t think the back half of the Redlegs’ lineup has been as devastating since the beloved ’99 edition…
    I know it’s early, but I love the aggressive sense of it. And the huge flock of hard-hit liners to the opposite field is reassuring.

    Another thing, this bunch of folks take playing defense seriously to the point that it’s fun to watch the boys play it.

    Roundin’ third and headin’ for home (it was a brown-eyed handsome man)
    R.I.P. Joe and Chuck Berry