Doug Gray has the scoop, ‘cuz he has friends in low places (minor leagues):

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  1. PhoenixPhil

    Maybe give Duvall a one day break. Help him with his die-eh-beat-is?

  2. Eric The Red

    I hate this. They are completely mismanaging Reed. If you won’t start him in Cincinnati, start him in Louisville. (Stephenson, too, but it’s a different case.)

    • Eric The Red

      Exactly. He should be starting in Cincinnati. Hopefully he learns what he needs to learn, so next year he’s further along than, say, Finnegan is this year.

  3. [email protected]

    I would think Winkler is here more to sub for Schebler than Duvall. Why do people keep thinking Duvall is going anywhere? He’s in LF…period. As for Sal, grab the opportunity and make it happen.

    • Big56dog

      who is the back up 1st baseman?, Votto probably needs a day off more than once a month in his mid-30’s, Duvall wore down last year as well. Maybe Duvall spells Votto at 1B and WInker can get a spot start Saturday for either one

  4. Dewey Roberts

    WVRedlegs, I do agree that we need another competent starter. I am afraid Arroyo is washed up at age 40 and Feldman is not a #1 starter- not even #5 on a good staff. The Reds have a lot of good young pitchers in the making. What they need is a good veteran pitcher to stabilize the rotation. This rotation would be very good with healthy Desclafani and Bailey. I am not sure Bailey will ever come back and Disco hopefully is no worse than Lorenzen was last year.