Reds 6 Pirates 2 | Box Score | Win Probability

Fun fact: I struggle with these recaps sometimes. Because, I mean, what is there to say? In short:

Eugenio Suarez – Holy crap. He’s having a good start.

Hoo boy, Adam Duvall. Just keep proving me wrong, man. I’m good with it.

And Scooter Gennett, too.

And dear lord the bullpen. Do you remember last year? Like really, do you? What is this and how do we keep it forever?

And Bryan Price is now the manager we thought he’d be.

Joey Votto, please show up soon, just because we miss you. There’s no doubt here. Just waiting.

Rookie Davis, maybe walk fewer people.

It just, it all feels like a completely different team form last year. I know we’re only 8 games in, but this feels totally different. I think they might be good. Or at least decent.

We knew this was possible, too. It happens. The Reds are, I believe, the youngest team in baseball on average. Sometimes that means you stink because of growing pains and all that, but when a young team is ready, it’s ready and that’s just kind of it. Maybe they won’t keep it up at all. Maybe they will for a while and then fade down the stretch. Or hell, maybe they’ll keep it up all year. I don’t know. I do know that I won’t be surprised if they finish second. I think they have that potential. And I do know that, right now, I am having a lot of fun watching them do what they do.

Baseball. It sure can be a joyous thing.