Dear Nation,

The internet can be awful.

Rude, profane, disorganized, misleading and just plain dumb.

We aspire to make Redleg Nation an oasis from all that. We’re independent of sponsorship. We offer informed viewpoints from the historical to the sabermetric. Sure, we disagree – on topics from the DH to Pete Rose. But we insist the conversation remain civil. We don’t tolerate profanity or personal attacks on Reds players and employees or each other. Even in our comments sections. That’s pretty rare these days. That civility may not suit everyone, but that’s the way it has been here for twelve years.

You have the opportunity to endorse that type of online environment and experience with your support this week during our fundraiser.

It’s easy to donate. You don’t have to fill out a membership form. You don’t even have to leave to go to a separate fundraising site. Just click on the DONATE button in the right column. For mobile users, it’s just as fast and simple on your phone, scroll down the front page and you’ll see the button.

You can make a one-time contribution or set up monthly payments. Donating is super easy and takes a minute or two. We use a PayPal account, but you don’t need one yourself to donate, just a credit card.


Steve Mancuso

Managing Editor

One Response

  1. cfd3000

    It really is as easy as Steve says. I love that I didn’t need to creat an account, remember a password or otherwise fuss with irrelevant details. One more thing that RLN gets right. Thanks Steve!