Dear Nation,

As you know by now, this is our fundraising week. When you consider whether you’re going to donate to the site, think about the authors who write here and the diverse styles they bring to our coverage of the Cincinnati Reds.

• Tom Diesman and Doug Gray provide detailed analysis of the minor league players and affiliates;

• Mary Beth Ellis, Jordan Barhorst and Wes Jenkins write weekly columns to get your mornings started right;

• Long-time writers Nick Kirby, Nick Carrington and Jason Linden offer their analysis of the team in feature articles; Matt Wilkes, Matt Korte and Jeff Gangloff are also experienced feature writers; and from John Ring who writes about Reds history to Patrick Jeter who crunches the numbers for you, they offer a wide variety of approaches;

• New writers, Ashley Davis, Adam Taylor, Tom Mitsoff, Clay Marshall, Jim Walker are carving out their own niches;

• Greg Dafler and his top-notch staff write extensive previews for every game;

• Occasional contributions (whenever we can convince them to write) from Chris Garber, Mike Maffie and Grant Freking;

• Chad Dotson and I write feature posts and many of the game recaps.

You may like reading some of us more than others, but overall you’ll find a lot of strong content at Redleg Nation.

We love our writing staff. They’re talented, great to work with, give their best, and most of all, they meet deadlines! Chad has long said he would like to compensate the writers. More than the free hat or shirt. We do pay for an end-of-year game and meal, but we’d like to do more. Your financial contribution not only defrays the cost of hosting and managing the site, it allows us to take care of the writers.

It’s easy to donate. You don’t have to fill out a membership form. You don’t even have to leave to go to a separate fundraising site. Just click on the DONATE button in the right column. For mobile users, it’s just as fast and simple on your phone, scroll down the front page and you’ll see the button.

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Steve Mancuso

Managing Editor