Dear Nation,

As you know, this is the week we make our pitch to support the site, based on what Redleg Nation provides you.

In calculating a value for what you get from Redleg Nation, think of the strong content the site offers: Reds history; podcasts; previews and recaps for every game; minor league updates; detailed spring training coverage; analysis of the club, manager and front office; and the occasional bit of humor. We hosted a get together with two members of the Reds front office where you could ask questions.

Redleg Nation helps keep you up-to-date with modernizing world of professional baseball and ever-changing Cincinnati Reds.

For that, we ask your support.

It’s easy to donate. You don’t have to fill out a membership form. You don’t even have to leave to go to a separate fundraising site. Just click on the DONATE button in the right column. For mobile users, it’s just as fast and simple on your phone, scroll down the front page and you’ll see the button.

You can make a one-time contribution or set up monthly payments. Donating is super easy and takes a minute or two. We use a PayPal account, but you don’t need one yourself to donate, just a credit card.

Thanks again, for reading and commenting.


Steve Mancuso

Managing Editor

5 Responses

    • magi210

      Guarded by robots that look like Mr. Redleg.

    • FDB

      All well and good. I was hoping there was some kind of charity donation, or putting towards the Reds community fund or something. Has anyone looked into that at all?