The Reds acquired athletic infielder/outfielder Tyler Goeddel off of waivers from the Phillies this afternoon and assigned him to AAA-Louisville. To make room for Goeddel, the Reds placed Anthony DeSclafani on the 60-day DL. They’ll have to make another roster move to promote Bronson Arroyo for his upcoming start.

Goeddel was a 2015 Rule 5 draft pick by the Phillies from the Tampa Bay Rays and stuck with the rebuilding 2016 Phillies all year, hitting .192/.258/.298 in 234 plate appearances in his age-23 season. Remember, to hold a Rule 5 player the acquiring team has to keep him on the major league roster all year. The Reds have Rule 5 catcher Stuart Turner on their roster right now. The Phillies DFA’d Goeddel to make room on their 40-man roster, hoping to assign him to their AA team if he cleared waivers.

Goeddel was a 1st round draft pick (41st overall) by the Rays in 2011. He had only reached the AA level for the Rays, so it’s no surprise he struggled at the major league level. As he progressed through the Rays’ minor league system, Goeddel had a decent batting average, slightly above average walk rate and a fair amount of power. His age-22 season for the AA-Rays was Goeddel’s best. He hit .279/.350/.433. That’s a 9.0% walk rate. He hit 12 homers, a decent uptick in power at age 22. Goeddel stole between 20-30 bases each year in the minor leagues.

Goeddel is a converted infielder, so he’s still learning how to play the OF. His poor defensive metrics last year showed it.

Goeddel actually started in left field for the Phillies on Opening Night at Great American Ball Park last season. He went 0-for-2 against Brandon Finnegan. His season ended after receiving a concussion from being hit on the head by a pitch on September 21.

Here’s part of a scouting report on Goeddel by John Sickels from about a year ago:

Goeddel has some physical tools, particularly a very good throwing arm. Physically he is strong enough to hit for power but his swing is tailored for line drives and gap shots. He set a career-high in homers last year but we’re still talking just 12 as part of a .279/.350/.433 line in Double-A. He makes better use of his speed, averaging 25 steals per season in the minors. The speed and throwing arm should make him a very good outfielder.

Not a superstar. You don’t get superstars off the waiver wire. Goeddel projects as a solid backup with good all around tools. Nice add to the organization for depth. But he does take up a spot on the ever-tightening 40-man roster.

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  1. MrRed

    Do they have to use Bronson? They’ve got some guys currently in the bullpen that could start. I’d hate to see them potentially lose a player to make room on the 40-man just to use a pitcher that may not even pitch more than a few starts this year. If they do this, who gets dropped?

    • Kyle Farmer

      Amen to this. If we lose a young player to get a few starts out of Bronson it will be a monumental mistake.

  2. WVRedlegs

    This is a pretty good pickup for the Reds. Only 24, he certainly gives you some better quality of depth. He was thrown to wolves last year in Philly. Give him a season at AAA, then re-evaluate. This also puts a position player back on the 40-man. The 40-man was getting too top heavy with pitching. But you are correct, the 40-man roster is tightening. It won’t be long before we start to see a couple names that surprise us a little that get dropped from the 40-man roster. The cream is rising.

  3. Chad Dotson

    I remember years when I could have named 10 guys on the 40-man roster that I wouldn’t mind if the Reds dumped. Not the case anymore.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Excellent point. It is nice to see AAA and the 40-man filled with guys who have at least some level of “interestingness” to them.

    • Gaffer

      Hmm, I sort of agree on the minor leaguers. But, I would not cry for Arroyo or Storen as they are waaayyy past being value-able.

  4. wkuchad

    At what point does a minor leaguer have to be added to the 40 man roster?

    • Hotto4Votto

      Others may know better, but I believe it depends on a few things. Highschoolers need to be added after 5 years in the system. So, Stephenson was drafted in 2011, was added after 2015 season (played in the 11,12,13,14,15 seasons). College players have a year less, and need to be added after 4 seasons. Or that’s how I understand it.

      International signings depend on the age they were signed, I believe. I honestly don’t have a good grasp on how that all works. But I think it’s similar, like 5 years before added. Which is why Yorman was out of options at age 23. He signed as a 16 year old and had to be added his age 21 season.

      Hope that helps a little.

      • lwblogger2

        Doug our Tom would probably know this inside and out but that’s about how I understand it as well Hotto4Votto

  5. Shchi Cossack


    The Reds passed on Nick Franklin (claimed by the Brew Crew) and snatched up Tyler Goeddel off waivers. I’m guessing theat Franklin was out of waivers and the Reds grabbed Goeddel because he had options remaining.

    • lwblogger2

      Not sure… Franklin’s stock seems to have dropped a lot.

  6. big5ed

    This is a no-risk move. He is listed as 6’4″ and 180 pounds, with an alleged “very good throwing arm.” If nothing, else, see if he can pitch.

  7. [email protected]

    Wish I could share in the excitement but two teams have already given up on him. Hey, I hope he can help but this doesn’t move the needle for me.

    • larry

      I agree. Seems like a blah move,and now we need to remove someone (soon) from the forty man rooster.

  8. Mark Lang

    The MLB article say these were his numbers last year with the Phils: .192/.258/.291 with four home runs and 16 RBIs in 92 games.

    Did the Reds lose a bet and have to take him?

  9. vegastypo

    I thought it was odd that when Marty asked Bryan Price about Goeddel, I think he framed the questions as something like, Can you see Goeddel helping the big league team?, Price said he wasn’t sure what to expect, that he didn’t even know the Reds were going to claim him.

  10. sixpacktwo

    Unless we have another injured player, Arroyo is a mistake to loss a player over. Start on of the young guys, Williams!

  11. Hotto4Votto

    He was a guy I liked better than Cave for the Rule V that year. It may not have worked as his numbers show he wasn’t ready. Much better to get him this way, and with 3 options. Nice pick up.