The Reds have released veteran IF/OF Ryan Raburn (Mark Sheldon).

Welcome news to those who favor younger players with position flexibility for the bench. Raburn offered a big bat for pinch hitting against LHP. But his defense at 1B and the OF was poor during spring training.

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  1. DavidTurner49

    RR looks like the 2017 version of Brennan Boesch. His best shot may be in AL as bench, DH, PH.

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    Turner, Klivehan, Alcantara & Jennings four-man bench + Renda if five

    • reaganspad

      I agree with Hotto above that Kivlehan has impressed. In my book, he has not only made the team, but may be a RH starting hitting outfielder if there is failure. He reminds me of Duvall last year, just more athletic and a better swing.

      Irisaren has made this team in my mind. I like Renda, but he really cannot play second base (Sax Yipps) and has an option. I want some bats on the bench this year So I have Iribarren in the 4 who have made the team and Jennings is a tweener, Renda is at AAA.

  3. Steve

    All spring I’ve favored Turner, Alcantara, Kivlehan and Iribarren. Went to the game yesterday and saw Iribarren make 2 bad throws on routine plays. One was high and the other wide right past the 1st baseman. He has made 5 errors so far this spring. I still favor him, but now am feeling 50/50 between him and Renda. Think Iribarren might still be more suited for the role this year and would rather see Renda get more PT in Louisville, but Renda could also use this year to better prepare himself to take over the utility role from 2018. Plus, Renda has an option left making him more flexible to move between Cincinnati and Louisville. I also feel that there is only one bench spot to be decided with Turner, Alcantara and Kivlehan basically locked into the other 3 bench spots.

    • DHud

      Another factor to look at is playing time available in Louisville, but maybe from a different perspective. I like Renda better than Iribarren, but Renda’s option is going to play into the decision. If there is a spot in the lineup in Louisville available for him to play everyday, send Renda down and keep both players in the organization. But if there are enough guys at Louisville, Renda’s days as an everyday player are over and his days as an MLB utility bench player can start

  4. reaganspad

    I have seen Hernan and Renda both Sax the ball from second.

    I give Hernan the nod as Renda has an option

  5. DHud

    Has an option left, so probably not. Looking like Alcantara, Jennings, Iribarren, and Turner

  6. DHud

    Article on Raburn’s release by Sheldon lists Elizalde as a candidate for the bench. Good to see his name in the conversation, even if it’s just an after thought. I think he will hot enough to be a good 4th OF

  7. David

    The forty man: Waive Adelman, and put Desclafani on the 60 day DL. That’s two spots open. I am not sure why we are keeping Christian Walker, but he is also on the 40 man. Also, if we are keeping Arroyo, that’s another name to be added to the 40 man roster. It could happen.
    So Desmond Jennings, Patrick Kivlehan and Hernan Iribaran all need to be added to the 40 man if the Reds are going to keep them, plus Bronson Arroyo (long man in the bull pen?).
    Maybe Lucas Luetge (on the 40 man) goes away too, if he doesn’t make the 25 man ML squad.

    • David

      Oops,looking at the wrong list. Luetge was an invitee, and not on the 40 man.

  8. sezwhom

    I’m already worried about our starting pitching. Asking a lot out of a few.

  9. Scotly50

    I thought this guy was going to be our Ace after his spring training last year. It is very discouraging.

  10. sandman

    Here’s what don’t understand, Price said that with Bailey & DeSclafani’s injuries the reds are gonna have a lot of youth in the starting rotation. So it’s basically because of them 2 pitchers. Now, I really don’t have an issue with this move, there’s just a certain aspect that I’m having trouble figuring. From what I’ve heard Arroyo is doing pretty ok this spring and has impressed enough to get reds brass to consider putting him in the rotation. IF, Arroyo does make the rotation, that would give the reds 2 veterans in the rotation. But, apparently, that possibility was not enough to keep Raburn. I don’t understand that. Bcuz they wouldn’t have as much youth in the starting rotation. The only thing I can derive from this right now is that reds brass has already made up their mind about Arroyo in that he’s NOT gonna make the rotation and will be, at best, a reliever. Am I right or what?

      • sandman

        Jim, but it don’t say in the rotation. But, if he does make the rotation, I guess that wasn’t enough to keep Raburn. Like I said though, I don’t have a problem with the move. But, the Reds did just demote Jennings and it was thought that both Raburn & Jennings would be a good veteran presence off our bench.

  11. Jim Walker

    I wonder if this will impact on the Reds catching situation:

    Catcher Bryan Holaday has opted out of minor league deal with the Phillies. On the surface, there wouldn’t seem to be much to differentiate Holaday from Rob Brantly except Holaday has manage to log MLB time every season since 2012 while Brantly saw no MLB time in 2014 or 2015. Perhaps this suggests Holaday is more valued as a receiver?

    The more eye grabbing news for (at least nostalgic) Reds fans in the same article is that the Phillies have also parted ways with Ryan Hanigan. As recently as 2015 Hanigan now closing in on 37 years of age, posted a.664 OPS in 201 PAs before falling off the edge in 2016 (.468 OPS in 113 PAs).

    If I was in Dick Williams’ shoes, I’d trying to get the best information available as to what Hanigan may have left to give a team. Is he healthy? Can he still (physically) catch? What’s the prospect he could recover his OBP skills to .330?

    If the answers to these questions are positive, then Williams has two more questions to get answered. 1)What is the best estimate of when Devin Mesoraco may be able to pull his weight in the two man catching tandem situation Bryan Price has described as his ideal all spring; and 2)Is Stuart Turner viewed a legitimate back up catching prospect in 2018 or later?

    If the answers to these questions are later rather than sooner and anything less than a resounding yes, Williams should look into bringing Hanigan on board.

    • Jim Walker

      My feeling is that the substantial changes in the starting rotation versus what was projected back in December make it reasonable to revisit the catching situation.

      Barring a late trade, FA signing, or waiver claim, the Reds rotation is going to feature at least 2 and hopefully three guys who are functionally rookies. If Hanigan can catch 2-3 days a week, he would be worth his weight in gold for the assistance he would provide tutoring those young pitchers.

      As I said above, if the Reds really believe Turner is a legitimate prospect to be the back up catcher on a playoff competitive team down the road, then that reinforces the equation in his favor. Otherwise why walk away from a potentially more valuable option over the low cost of a Rule 5 pick?

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Much as I liked Hanigan when he was here I have doubts that he has anything of value left in the tank other than his knowledge. I’m hoping he turns to managing if this is the end of his playing career. I think he would make a good one.

      • Jim Walker

        Through the years a lot of folks around the game have said Hanigan would make a good mgr someday.

    • TR

      I like what you say about getting Ryan Hanigan seasoned as the future manager of the Reds, but it’s going to be difficult to get rid of Bryan Price if, this year, the Reds are the surprise team of the NLC.

  12. sixpacktwo

    The team thinks Turner is long term and will try to trade or get him thru waivers this weekend. Even thro we need him for backup there may be no better time to get him to AAA. There are plenty of backups out there right now for the short term..

  13. VaRedsFan

    They definitely need an 8 man bullpen. You have seen the Red’s starting pitchers right?