Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm…

Anthony DeSclafani — you know, the guy who is supposed to be Cincinnati’s ace this year? — was scheduled to make his spring debut on Tuesday. Yeah, that’s not going to happen:

Reds starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani’s spring debut has been pushed back because he’s dealing with right elbow tenderness, manager Bryan Price revealed Monday.

“It’s something he had with [Miami] before. There’s no red alert, we’re just being cautious,” Price said. “At this point, we don’t have any great or grave concerns, or any concerns that he won’t be ready for the Opening Day roster. We’ll slot Disco back in when he’s ready.”

According to C. Trent Rosecrans, Disco isn’t worried:

After finishing a workout, DeSclafani was nonchalant about the news, noting he had no pain in the elbow, just some routine soreness in an interview with The Enquirer.

“I’ve had it before, I’d just rather err on the side of caution,” DeSclafani said. “There’s no need to push through anything. I don’t need a repeat of last year.”

DeSclafani isn’t worried. But I can’t help myself: I’ll be concerned until I see him throwing free and easy on the mound. Elbow soreness in a Reds pitcher will always make me nervous.


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  1. sandman

    Second straight year of “health issues”. It seems like health or injury issues are threatening to short circuit this rebuild. Well, that and pitchers trying to return from TJ surgery. Praying none of these issues surface.

  2. ohiojimw

    This seems to me to be one of those “trust but verify” situations. Neither the player nor the team want him working at less than 100% health at this early juncture. Nothing for us to do but hope for the best while at the same time watching for any of the tell tale signs in the teamspeak that indicate a growing level of concern. If and then we can start to worry.

  3. sandman

    One other thing, they say they’re not concerned and no red alerts and all that. But yet this is something DeSclafani has been dealing with since he was with Miami. So, for a little while now. Why shouldn’t we be concerned again?

    • ohiojimw

      Seems to me that Disco knows what it feels like and the Reds are the ones that know what the inside of his elbow looks like and whether there is a degenerative process going to a degree to be worried.

      Some pitchers who haven’t even had any indication of trouble blow out the UCL on a single pitch. That’s one of the realities of the game. What good does it do to worry this might happen? Similarly, in this case, if the player and team are both unconcerned, why worry? Be aware but save the worry until it is clear it is needed. That’s how I see it.

      • sandman

        Ohiojimw, bcuz this is something he’s been dealing with since his Miami days. Maybe there is no cause for concern. All I’m saying is don’t try to ignore something that keeps popping up. But it’s beginning to look like he’s injury prone. Like I said though, I hope not. But I’m not gonna ignore this little fact.

      • ohiojimw

        I’ve had a little health scare myself in the last couple of weeks; and, I think that experience is probably driving my response here. I was told, yeah, that my body isn’t working quite right but it isn’t anything serious now or over time unless the condition and symptoms become more persistent and amplify considerably. In the meantime, much as you said, I can’t ignore the possible issues but neither can I let myself be driven by worrying about what could happen. That’s exactly how I see Disco’s situation.

      • sandman

        Ohiojimw, I hope your condition doesn’t worsen over time just like I hope Disco’s doesn’t worsen.

  4. IndyRedMan

    If they can’t get 200 ip and a 3.50ish era out of Disco then its going to get ugly? The pen will be vastly better from the beginning last year but just getting some of these guys thru 6 with 2-3 runs is going to be difficult. Dead horse alert….but I don’t see how they can’t try Lorenzen as a starter again at some point? Its extremely debateable to say that pitching 3x/week at max effort out of the pen is easier on a pitchers arm anyway?

  5. TR

    Not a good omen. Hopefully a few Reds pitching prospects will mature this season.