Many Reds fans simply do not understand what Joey Votto has been able to accomplish to this point in his career. This puts it into perspective.

Cherish every single Votto at-bat this year, and every year. He’s a special player.

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  1. Chuck Schick

    If he would just start gambling on baseball then Reds fans would adore him.

  2. kmartin

    Great post Chad. Votto is one of the reasons I love following Reds regardless of their record.

  3. Simon Cowell

    Votto is certainly the biggest reason to follow the Reds this year. I wonder what his critics would say if he actually managed to hit over .400 for an entire season? If the Reds ever get a solid bat in front an in behind .400 would become very possible.

  4. Scotly50

    I predict there will be over 100 replies.

    • Scotly50

      And maybe it should have been noted that he DID bat 229 for March through May. Effectively ending any competitive aspirations for the team.

      • Chuck Schick

        Perhaps you missed the ” worst pitching performance in history” that took place in May. It’s ok to not like Votto, it’s not ok to just make stuff up to fit a narrative that can’t be supported by anything factual.

      • Scotly50

        He batted around 200 for the for the two months of the season. It seems too me I am not the one “making stuff up”. To ignore the fact that “our star’s” extremely poor start did not contribute to this teams early demise, is well,

      • Chuck Schick

        During Votto’s slump, the Reds scored 4 runs per game and gave up 6.

        Once he took off, they averaged 4.6 and gave up 4.8.

        The facts actually show his slump had minimal to no impact on wins-losses.

        Try again. This is fun.

      • Scotly50

        So, by this logic, if Votto’s poor contribution was minimal, while in his slump, then likewise, when he was on his streak, his contribution was minimal as well. So basically, according to the logic bantered around thus far, he contributes nothing of significance to the Reds. Basically proving my point. 😉

      • Scotly50

        “Your “point” is that Joey Votto contributes nothing of significance to the Reds?”

        No, the point is if his poor play for two months, beginning the season last year, contributed very little to the Reds losing percentage at the beginning of the season, then his “great” second half had equally little effect. We can’t have it both ways.

  5. cfd3000

    He’s a joy to watch. One of the most gratifying details of my Reds obsession has been the long list of wonderful individual players to watch in wonder and root for with gusto. On my watch the Reds have had two players spend their entire career in Cincinnati and eventually hang a plaque in Cooperstown. Not as satisfying as the three Series rings, but almost. I will be thrilled if (when?) Votto joins Bench and Larkin on that elite list.

  6. scottya

    Joey Votto has been one of the best players of all time, the stats prove it as does the eye test. Other Reds players better be learning from his approach!

  7. VaRedsFan

    If he can keep his hands on his wallet for all six months in 2017, it could be very special.
    I really though after his 2015 2nd half explosion, that he would smash it it in 2016. It could have been really extraordinary if it weren’t for those 1st two months last year.

  8. Dewey Roberts

    Probably not. They have made their minds up for some reason.

  9. ronsav8055

    No clue what’s going on here in ST, but he has been God-awful in his 6 ABs thru yesterday. 4 Ks, and 2 weak infield groundouts. Remove the jersey and you’d think that he was on a minor league invite to big camp.

    • westfester

      Votto does this every year. His plan in spring training is to look at as many pitches as possible, meaning he’s going to strike out a lot. Trust the process!

  10. Streamer88

    Does this affect his HOF chances? I mean – does a guy playing in a small market need his legendary local media types to advocate for him to sport writers in other parts of the country?

    If so, Marty needs to get over it quickly and start selling JVotto Koolaid. Anyone else familiar with a radio legend so adamantly against his hometown marquee player? Is there precedent for this?

    • Chuck Schick

      The question you raise is a good one. I believe that there was a time when a HOF radio legend could negatively impact a borderline player’s chances. At this point, between the advent and general acceptance of advanced metrics.. along with a slow but steady changing of the guard amongst the BWA, the subjective opinion of a local broadcaster is becoming less and less relevant for HOF consideration. The Buster Olney’s of the world have far more influence.

      Radio play by play guys were once the alpha dogs of sports broadcasting. At this point the audience is becoming smaller and older with each passing season. 10 years from now the Reds on radio will likely not exist. When your main sponsors are a plumber, the team’s law firm and an adult rehabilitation center the end is near.

  11. Still a Red

    Here’s a question. Do our greater statistical analyses of player performance vs age (i.e. betting on youngsters with high up-side projections vs. old, good but declining players) make it more likely or less likely that a good player makes it into their 40s and break records. In other words, if Pete Rose were subjected to the same statistical analysis in his waning years, would he have been able to stay around long enough to break Ty Cobbs record or Henry Aaron break Babe Ruth’s, or Boggs and Carew achieve their 3000 hit career status. What are the odds that any player makes it into their 40s these days vs. the ‘old days.’

  12. Achilles

    Joe nuks would love jv mb and his son not so much..sad sad sad…

  13. Playtowin

    Getting back to Marty B….he is without doubt the least knowledgeable baseball announcer in the game today. He bloviates. He thinks he is funny but is not. His time has come and gone. He is no longer elite.