It’s time to get optimistic, Reds fans! Jason Linden joined me for the latest edition of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast, and we’re talking best-case scenarios. What if everything went absolutely right for the Cincinnati Reds in 2017? (Hint: it would be fun.)

Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg Nation.

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4 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    Jason, your take on the outfield situation was (much) more palatable to me on the podcast than via the written article. Duvall and Schebler did enough on the field at the MLB level in 2016 that Winker needs to play well enough to force a change rather than just be handed a position based on past MiLB performance. The Price quote you referenced in the podcast seemed to indicate this was his position.

    Where we probably disagree is that I believe that in just about any scenario, Winker has to start the year in AAA and over a period of at least a couple of months play well enough day in and day out to merit being brought up and made a regular at MLB.

    Some will say, what does he have left to prove at AAA? I would answer that playing an extended period and exhibiting at least consistent gap power will answer the biggest question about him, this wrist is fully healed; and, he does have the demonstrated power to justify being an MLB corner OF.

    • Jason Linden

      I agree that recovery from the wrist injury needs to be displayed. However, in the minors, Winker has been a better hitter than Duvall was AND he’s much younger. If he shows he’s healthy, he should play. He’s a major league hitter now and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Several protections have him as the second best hitter on the team, behind Votto.

      • ohiojimw

        If Winker is healthy, things will take care of themself. They might as well start him at AAA if for no other reason than to earn the “extra” year of team control. That takes a month or less. Another 6 weeks or so at AAA would cover his Super2 window. Given his youngish age and the team’s current posture, I don’t see the need move any quicker on him.

  2. Matt

    I’m still trying to figure out who the closer will be this year. Inglesis maybe?