The sound you hear is the log jam breaking. Not final yet, but dis is happening.

Reported terms: Reds getting two players in return. Reds pay most of Phillips 2017 salary. Phillips (35) will make $14 million this season; the final year of a six-year, $72.5 million contract. There may be a connection between how much money the Reds send to Atlanta and how good the prospects are in return. [update: never mind]

Phillips passed physical, gets no-trade protection. I’ve always suspected Phillips’ desire to control where he plays (which he has earned) slowed down the trade talks last year. Phillips didn’t want to go somewhere else only to be traded again from that club. The 10-5 no-trade protection he has with the Reds doesn’t follow him to the next stop. Now, according to this report, he has that assurance from Atlanta.

Atlanta’s beat writer Mark Bowman uses phrase “nearly all” to describe how much of Phillips’ salary the Reds will pay.

Reds eating $13 million of $14 million.


Player pages for Andrew McKirahan and Carlos Portuondo. Jim Bowden just characterized this return as “practically nothing” on his MLB Radio show, said that’s how both front offices described it.

Mark Bowman characterizes the minor league players going to Cincinnati this way:

Neither of the two Minor Leaguers involved in the deal have ever been considered highly-regarded prospects within the Braves’ system.

The major Atlanta newspaper is the Journal Constitution. Here’s how their Braves beat writer David O’Brien characterizes the trade.

Trade is done, just getting league sign-off since transfer of cash-money is involved.

Phillips tweeted this late last night:

Wayne Krivsky acquired 24-year-old Brandon Phillips from Cleveland for a PTBNL on April 7, 2006. The Reds sent pitcher Jeff Stevens a couple months later to complete the deal. Phillips would become the fourth-best second baseman in Reds history.

WINTER HAVEN, FL - FEBRUARY 26: Brandon Phillips of the Cleveland Indians poses for a portrait during the Indians' media day on February 26, 2003 at Chain of Lakes Park in Winter Haven, Florida. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Phillips graduated from Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia, about  30 miles from Atlanta’s new ballpark, scheduled to open this spring.