No more football.

Baseball is just around the corner. I can’t wait.

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  1. gusnwally

    I second that emotion. Sung in my best Smokey Robinson voice.

  2. Kurt Frost

    7 more days until pitchers and catchers report and 25 days until we fly to Arizona for spring training.

  3. sandman

    Shortest….article….ever! (lol)

  4. Chuck Schick

    All we know right now is that he’s a great athlete…he is smart enough to have been accepted at UCLA…and he is able to dominate high school players.
    Does he have the emotional composition to handle failure and make adjustments? Does he run or throw inn such a way that he will be more inclined to injury once he starts playing 100 plus games per year? Can his bat speed improve? Can his arm get stronger? The Reds aren’t drafting him for what he is right now…they would be drafting him based on what they believe he can be in the future. It’s way too early to know what needs to be known in order to project what kind of player he may possibly become.

  5. Andy

    Someday, I want an MLB team to have a true 2 way player. A starting position player that also pitches. I don’t think any team is brave enough to try. Seems a waste to have an MLB team decide to throw away his elite level hitting skills. Every level of baseball before Pro involves players excelling at the plate and on the mound. I would draft this guy and develop him as an infielder that also contributes to the bullpen. If they only want a pitcher, pass and take someone safer than HS pitcher at #2

  6. big5ed

    The Reds are in first place, and will stay there for at least another 8 weeks.

  7. big5ed

    I like the comparables for Cozart and Phillips: Leo Durocher and Cookie Rojas.