It’s official: Bronson Arroyo is returning to the Cincinnati Reds on a minor league deal:

Pitcher Bronson Arroyo has passed his physical and will sign a Minor League contract that will return him to the Reds, a source told on Thursday night.

The Reds have yet to announce the deal, which is expected to include an invite to big league camp as a non-roster player during Spring Training. He will compete for the vacant fifth spot in the rotation against several other contenders, while likely providing a solid veteran influence.

Arroyo, who will turn 40 on Feb. 24, has not pitched in the Major Leagues since 2014 with the D-backs because he needed surgeries on both his elbow and shoulder.
Arroyo signed a Minor League deal last season with the Nationals, but he was shut down in July when his elbow bothered him. He received stem-cell injections in August and said earlier this week that he felt good.

This is what it is: a minor league deal that carries very little risk for the Reds. We’ve already discussed it here and here. It may pay dividends for the Reds or it may not.

But it makes me happy. Bronson was my favorite Red when he was here before, and he’s a no-doubt Reds Hall of Famer, in my opinion. If he can help the 2017 Reds, that’s great. If not, at least we get to talk about him a little more, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

6 Responses

  1. Mark from NC

    It’s kinda like the Reds thought, hey, we dodged that bullet, didn’t offer Bronson the QO and then Arizona paid him a bunch of $$ for him not to pitch.

    Out of respect we should at least toss a few grand at him now, hahaha, sucks to be the Dbacks on so many levels!

    • RedInIND

      “. . .My value in the game could go down, so you’ve got to take opportunities when you can. If there are other teams out there that are willing to give me a three-year deal, and I couldn’t get that here (with the Reds), it’s going to be very tough to stay.” Said Bronson in September 2013.

  2. Simon Cowell

    The one deal of recent note that didn’t burn the Reds. It would be nice to see him retire as a Red. I am expecting nothing out of Bailey just for the sake of not being disappointed and so with that in mind I will also not expect anything from Arroyo. Hopefully they both prove me wrong and put up staggering numbers.

  3. Simon Cowell

    2 years no play and hitting 40. pretty sure this is his last chance. Reds are the bottom of the barrel for chances when it comes to retreads.

  4. Jeffrey Copeland

    My only issue with this is that it seems like in the past when guys were given these deals then they always made the trip to Cincy. Even if they didn’t last a month up. Here’s to hoping the new(ish) regime takes a different approach to these deals. If they guy can help bring him up, if not you don’t owe him anything.