As reported by Ken Rosenthal, the Reds have signed free agent RHP Scott Feldman to a one-year contract:

We’ll have more on Feldman soon, but here’s the initial reaction from some of our writers:

Here, you can take a look at Feldman’s career stats. He’ll be 34 next month.

Hopefully, Feldman will be an innings-eater — 183 career starts — and he’s on a 1-year deal. Could pitch out of the bullpen or be the fifth starter. Perfect fit for who the 2017 Reds expect to be, and if he’s good, Cincinnati might be able to flip him at the trade deadline.

I’m okay with it.

Also, he’s not this Feldman:


25 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    Maybe they can flip him for Arrieta in July . . . like Chicago did 3 years ago!

  2. Redsfan4040

    Good pickup. Interesting to see who loses their 40 man spot. My bet is Wandy Peralta.

  3. Steve

    I agree. Hope he gets traded at the deadline. If not, wasted money that should’ve gone to Luis Robert.

    • Gaffer

      He is not available yet, and it may be awhile.

      • Steve

        My mistake. Money should be saved to sign Luis Robert when he’s available

  4. Tom Mitsoff

    It’s another arm with big league experience added to the mix. I don’t know if this is how the FO and Price plan to proceed, but I hope they open up the rotation competition to everyone except those we know are slated as relievers — Storen, Wood, Iglesias. Obviously DeSclafani is in, as is Homer if he is healthy. But let the rest battle and earn their spots. The last thing they need to do is force or rush someone up to the bigs who isn’t ready. Let’s see if Stephenson can battle for a spot and win.

  5. Scott Carter

    I’m not real thrilled with the signing. The biggest downside I see is that this means Lorenzen won’t even get a shot at starting and it will limit the development of other young arms. Not a bad move if we were contending and needed a fifth starter or needed to wait on a young arm to get more time in the minor but neither of those two scenarios fit the Reds.

  6. Tom Mitsoff

    CP makes some good points. The front office has been signalling they were going to sign a veteran starter, so the thought must be that some young pitchers will have innings limits. But yes, it does seem Lorenzen will be in the bullpen. 🙁

    • TonyCbus

      I don’t think it’s a good strategy to limit your young starter’s innings by signing a journeyman starter to eat 200 innings at the major league level and deprive the young guys from getting that experience. I’d rather see the guys on innings limits get skipped occasionally, or use a 6 man rotation, or find some other way to be creative to work around those limits.

  7. TonyCbus

    Feldman has been in decline since 2012 (at least per FIP and strikeout rates). Last year is the first year he’s shown improvement, and I’d bet that has more to do with being moved to the bullpen than because he actually got better. His strikeout rate returned to his 2012 rate, and that sounds like a guy who gained it by giving max effort for an inning as a reliever. Using him as a starter doesn’t make sense to me. Using him as a long man out of the pen who can make a spot start if needed, makes sense. Unfortunately it sounds like the Reds view him as a starter.

  8. Scott Carter

    Tom you are right the front office has ben saying this all along. It is just a shame that this is their mindset. And this after Price said last year that he saw no reason to limit innings

    • Jay King

      A certain person refusing to be traded is blocking a lot of the middle infield prospects and there is no need by other teams for SS at this time.

  9. Scott Carter

    BTW I saw on MLB rumors that the Indians picked up Ricky Schaffer (Sp?) on waivers. The roster is back to 40.

  10. JB WV

    Not thrilled with this signing, but I’m skeptical Bailey can come back and stay healthy. FO probably thinking the same.

  11. james garrett

    Lets the young guys pitch at the big league level.Disco and Finnegan got that much needed experience and it paid off so lets give the rest a shot.Reed nor Stephensen having anything to prove in the minors.Not sure what the thought was in acquiring Feldman as it pertains to the future.

  12. Redsman

    Seems he may be getting innings we had expected to go to Stephenson, et al.
    Considering his career stats, age etc., can’t say this is an exciting move! Especially if FO is conceding him a rotation spot. What if BobSteve gas a great spring, or Garrett, or someone else? Seems like the kind of guy typically brought in for a ‘look see’, thrown back if not prove themselves in ST. Especially if Arroyo also in the mix!
    Think I will go check that thread!

  13. DavidTurner49

    Not buying this or losing Selsky. Just when I was beginning to be a bit optimistic . . .

  14. Jay King

    Maybe Bailey is not ready. maybe he is still having issues coming back from his rehab. I know last year he got shut down earlier than they expected. Maybe this is insurance just in case Bailey is not ready to go yet.

  15. Streamer88

    For every strailly or alfredo 1.0 there’s an alfredo 2.0 that doesn’t work out. Need 1000 innings pitched by starters next year. Assuming Homer is good for more than about 120 is suspect. If you start running down the list you run out of MLB ready pitchers pretty quick even without injuries.

    You could say it’s backwards they tweeted he’s a starter in January or you could say they tweeted that to restate what they said to Feldman to get him to sign, and ultimately if he sucks then they won’t start him.

    I’m optimistic about the signing obviously.

  16. Michael E

    This is the EXACT signing they needed to do. Not arguing against any of your concerns, but to have a flip chip (or two if Storen pitches well) that adds yet another good bat or arm to the top 10 prospect list, is smart business and Felman is what a contending team with an ace but little depth will covet in July.

    Lets face it, after last year, I have little confidence any of the high prospects will pan out as soon as 2017. They’ll get plenty of work somewhere, either AAA, AA, MLB bullpen.

    We have so fallen in love with Lorenzen possibiity that we’ve clouded ourselves into thinking this is some stud SP, can’t miss pitcher. If he is consistently good and wants to start (or injuries force it), he’ll be starting at some point in the future. If he is better in short 2 or 3 inning stints, then maybe that’s where he is most valuable, it’s not like we don’t have a half dozen pitching prospects all as good or better (potential wise) as Lorenzen.

  17. Stillred

    Having Reed and Garrett in the starting rotation on opening may be rushing the latter like we perhaps did with the former. I think in regard to Stephenson though, now is his chance…if he can’t succeed, perhaps its time to cut bait.