Perhaps not a big deal in the grand scheme of things (okay, it’s definitely not a big deal), but I kinda thought Steve Selsky might be a decent bench bat for the Reds in 2017 and beyond:

The Red Sox added depth at two spots on Wednesday, claiming outfielder/first baseman Steve Selsky off waivers from the Reds.

The 27-year-old Selsky is a right-handed hitter who played in 24 games last season, nine of them starts, hitting .314 with two doubles and two homers. He produced a memorable 5-for-5 performance at St. Louis on Sept. 26.

Selsky spent most of 2016 at Triple-A Louisville, starting 39 games in the outfield, 33 at first base and eight at DH while hitting .280 with an .822 OPS, 24 doubles and nine homers. He was a 33rd-round selection by the Reds in the 2011 Draft, and he has a .295 average and a .379 on-base percentage in 537 Minor League games.

Our friend Doug Gray describes why the Reds were forced to expose Selsky to waivers:

When the Cincinnati Reds traded Dan Straily to the Miami Marlins they needed to create a roster spot on the 40-man. Straily cleared one when he left, but both Austin Brice and Luis Castillo required one. The Reds chose to designate outfielder/1st baseman Steve Selsky for assignment to clear that roster spot and he was placed on waivers. The Boston Red Sox have picked him up and placed him on their 40-man roster.

Go read that entire post; it’s worth your time.

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  1. scottya

    Time to dfa Brandon Phillips, I see no one on the roster I want to let go of. Peralta, adleman or ?????

  2. Simon Cowell

    Steve’s bat is nearly equal to Jessie Winker’s at least when it comes to OBP. I think having a combo of him Winker and Votto would have been special.

    • Big56dog

      You do recall this is the team stocking the bench the past few seasons with Nefti Soto, Schumaker, Pacheco, etc. Why can’t you bring talent up from the minor leagues to be this. Selsky was not a can’t miss prospect, but Winker does not have spectacular stats either.
      My 2 cents there is a reason why Red Sox occasionally win play off series and World Series in the past 25 years and Reds do not- it is not always about the big signings, but roll players you do not let slip through your fingers.

      • Big56dog

        We are probably making different points, if Winker can hit .270 with near .800 OPS at 23, why not keep a 27 year old you could pay near league minimum on your bench through his peak years to do the same thing?
        I realize Winker should have much more spectacular stats by his age 27 season. But right now their numbers are pretty much the same.

    • Simon Cowell

      age racism. Winker is an injury prone loser and going nowhere fast.

  3. Scotly50

    I hope Feldman does better than he did with Toronto last year. 14 runs in 23 innings.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    I just can’t believe they let Selsky go while keeping Jumbo

    • KetteringRedsFan

      Patience. Reds haven’t signed a backup-to-the-backup catcher yet. That would necessitate another roster move. Gotta have a body ready for when you really need it……….

      And, besides,the horse may learn to pitch (consistently)

    • Big56dog

      someone tell me why Sebastian Elizalde or Arismendy Alcántara or Richie Shaffer are better choices

      • Big56dog

        So in a way I was correct, Richie Shaffer was next man cut, I blew it on Elizalde. Baseball reference has a list that shows him on- but they also shows about 60 plays-
        But I still do not get Alcántara – wasn’t Kris Negron available?

  5. Carl Sayre

    The article I read had the Reds FO and I think it was Williams that Feldman could contend for a spot in the rotation! I think the same article stated Feldman pitched 40 innings in relief last year! I am unsure if the comment came from Williams or if it is true but if the FO thinks that a journeyman relief pitcher can contend for a spot in the rotation this may be the summer I do the Hari- Kari. I was not talking about the deceased drunk of broadcast fame!

  6. Stillred

    Red Sox have to keep Selsky on their roster right? If not the Reds can take him back, right? Who now backs up Votto at first? Not seeing anybody. Might have been nice to keep him (or get him back)

    • Playtowin

      Red Sox do not have to keep Selsky. They can put him through waivers to send him to the minors. At least 25 teams passed on him when the Reds put him on waivers before the Red Sox took him. He is not a top flight player but is probably good enough to be the 5th outfielder on a 90 loss team like the Reds.

  7. Playtowin

    Being on a 40 man roster does not mean a player is in the big leagues. He needs to be on the 25 man roster. Selsky will be playing at Pawtucket.