Dilson Herrera

Manager Bryan Price discussed Cincinnati’s young second baseman Dilson Herrera — acquired in the Jay Bruce trade last July — and where he fits into the 2017 Reds:

“Very much so because I know we were excited to get him,” Price said. “I think he’s a strong, offensive second baseman who defends well. He’s 22 years old. So to have a couple of young 22, 23-year-olds over the course of the 2017 season that could potentially be playing with some regularity is exciting, because we’ve talked about the rebuild. And the rebuild is being able to feel like we can go out there and compete for postseason and championships moving forward. And in order to do that, you have to define who is going to be there during that stretch of time and who isn’t.”

While Peraza is expected to be on the Opening Day roster and play regularly in some fashion, Price didn’t plan on having Herrera sit on the bench.

“I don’t think that’s going to help his progress at all,” Price said. “I think between Dilson and Jose, they’re in a little bit different spot going into Spring Training.”

There are two ways to read that, I suppose. The way I read it is that Dilson Herrera will likely be in Triple-A to begin the 2017 season, while Brandon Phillips will be starting in the big leagues.

And that will be a huge mistake.

But maybe I’m reading more into Price’s comments than is actually there. Because there’s no competitive, rebuild-related justification for starting Phillips over Herrera in 2017. None. And you know the Reds must know this, if some dumb guy on the internet (like me) knows it.