C Trent Rosecrans is reporting from RedsFest that the Reds are committed to using Raisel Iglesias AND Michael Lorenzen in the bullpen.

Unless there is a medical reason that the public is not aware of, it’s incredibly dumb, dumb, dumb to not give Lorenzen (age 24) a shot at starting. He was a totally different pitcher (and portfolio) in 2016 than he was in 2015. He may well be the *best pitcher* in the organization. Right now.

Recap: Reds taking their best arm and consigning him to bullpen role without serious tryout as a starter. Sounds depressingly familiar.

Barring the health unknown, this is the Reds seeking to put players into roles, roles, roles, roles, roles as soon as they can. No matter how small.


What’s the [edit: based on site profanity guidelines] rush?

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