As we noted a couple of weeks ago, Billy Hamilton (CF) and Adam Duvall (LF) were finalists for Gold Glove awards at their respective positions. Well, all the votes have been tallied and 100% of precincts have reported…

…and the system is rigged!

Atlanta Braves center fielder Ender Inciarte is a really good defensive player. Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Starling Marte is also very, very good. But was it too much to ask that the Reds win one little award in this miserable season? Just one?

You have to think that Hamilton was hurt by the fact that he missed so much time with injuries late in the season. He and Inciarte were clearly the top two center fielders in the league, and you can make a good argument for either of them. The fact that Hamilton didn’t play the last month of the year couldn’t have helped his candidacy.

A Gold Glove for Adam Duvall would have put the finishing touches on a dream season for the big left fielder. Duvall was an All-Star, hit 33 homers, drove in 103 runs. Even better, he was simply fantastic on defense, even if he won’t get a big fancy trophy to memorialize that greatness.

Oh well. Let’s put 2016 behind us, shall we?