Well, this is certainly encouraging. Baseball America wrapped up their 2016 MLB Draft coverage with some ratings and rankings:

We put the final bow on the 2016 draft with our annual team-by-team review of all the selections and how the players’ pro careers have started. Draft writer Hudson Belinsky, managing editor J.J. Cooper and editor-in-chief John Manuel contacted scouting directors, other scouts and player-development personnel to break down every draft class.

Go check it out, because the Reds grade out very well. In fact, according to BA, Cincinnati had the best overall draft class in the major leagues this year, thanks partially to a home run selection at #2 overall (Nick Senzel). The talent infusion portion of the rebuild got a big boost from this year’s draft. We can only hope that next year, with the Reds once again holding the #2 selection, will be as productive.

In particular, the Reds’ first round pick in the draft, third baseman Senzel, is showered with praise by the BA report. Senzel was judged to be the “Best Pure Hitter,” had the “Best Pro Debut,” and rates as #2 in the “Closest to the Majors” category.

So nice. If you’re not excited about Nick Senzel’s future, I don’t know what to tell you.

Other individual Reds prospects who were singled out include outfielder — and former football star — Taylor Trammell (#3 “Best Pro Debut” among high school draftees and #5 “Best Athlete” overall) and outfielder TJ Friedl (#4 “Most Intriguing Background,” a category with also included Trey Griffey, Junior’s son). Friedl, of course, wasn’t actually drafted, as we’ve covered here in depth, but he counts as a member of this draft class.

Ya never know, as they say, but I’d rather see the Reds at the top of this list than anywhere else. If you’re searching for a glimmer of hope in these dark days after two consecutive seasons of 90+ losses, this is it.