Reds 4
Cubs 5

Box Score | Win Probabilty

Good evening, Reds fans. There was Reds baseball for the last time this year. Here are some things about it.

The Good

The bullpen really got the job done for the first 4 innings they pitched.

No one on the offense really stands out. Barnhart had the big hit, but really, it was a team effort and they ended up with 4 runs against the best team in baseball.

The Bad

Robert Stephenson wasn’t very good. He was done after 4 innings and 88 pitches. He walked 5. He needs to stop doing that. Seriously. It’s been a problem his entire career and he isn’t going to be a productive major league pitcher until he gets his control, well, under control.

Raisel Iglesias pretty much gave the game away. That didn’t happen much this year, but it happened today.

Not so Random Thoughts

Can we just pause and talk about the glorious season Joey Votto had. We don’t even have to talk about his poor start. It doesn’t matter at this point. He finished 2nd in the league in OPS. He hit over .400 in the second half. He had a 5 WAR season for the 6th time in his career. He led the league in OBP for the fifth time. The only players to ever lead the league in OBP 5 times or more are: Joey Votto, Barry Bonds, Wade Boggs, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Lou Gehrig, Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb. Yes, that is the list. Yes Joey Votto is on it. He is great.

Next year, the Reds will be better than they were this year. They were 1 game over .500 in the second half and still have plenty of ways to improve. I’ve said before that I think the Reds could very well finish second next year. I still think that’s true. But, at the very least, they won’t stink next year, and that will be nice.

And speaking of next year, imagine what we’re likely to see in Cincy. Amir Garrett, Jesse Winker, Dilson Herrera, maybe Nick Senzel, a full year of Jose Peraza, a pitching staff that isn’t held together with spit and duct tape. The kids are coming and it should be fun.

It’s been fun this year, too, even when they were bad. I liked watching kids get chances and players come around. We’ve gotten through the bottoming out, now we just watch and see how high the team can climb. See you next year, kids.