According to a report by Mark Sheldon, the Reds have agreed to a one-year extension with manager Bryan Price. The contract also comes with a one-year team option for 2018.

If you’ve been a faithful reader of Redleg Nation, this development should come as no surprise to you. I wrote several weeks ago (Aug. 19, comments) that a one-year extension, though unusual, in this case might fit the needs of both parties.

The decision by the Reds makes it crystal clear they expect the 2017 season to be another rebuilding year. It’s hard to disagree with that conclusion. If the club had any hope that 2017 would be the first year the rebuilt Reds would be competitive, there’s no way they bring back Price. And in the unlikely and hypothetical world where the front office believes Price is the right guy for the future, they would have locked him up more than one year. What’s happening here is obvious.

One person’s opinion: I can live with this decision. I don’t have strong feelings about Price either way. He’s done little to impress me. The injuries and rosters during his tenure have been such that we really have no clue whether Price can be a successful major league manager. If we made an honest list of the top fifty reasons the Reds 2014-2016 seasons turned out like they did, Bryan Price’s name wouldn’t be on it. Still, there’s little to commend him, either.

I remain excited about 2017 and watching the players develop. I’ve already made plans to spend 10 days in Goodyear for spring training and I’m going to renew my season tickets.

It’s the hiring of the guy after Price that matters. Giving the new front office time to figure out what kind of manager they want makes sense. Price is a bridge to that.