As the season comes
to a close. I offer this:
a quiz of haiku.

1. Take a walk with me.
Stroll to first base and you’ll see
the world differently.

2. Unexpectedly,
I am the work horse, cast down
by the falling stars.

3. Deliberate as a
tortoise, I learned to snare at
third. Quick as a hare.

4.Unable to start what
others came to finish, I
now finish their work.

5. Like Dante, I bring
an inferno. Composed nightly
on the mound, like dance.

6. I am a thief like
another of my name but
steal only bases.

7. Prodigious swings like
a truth and a lie. Homer
or strikeout – a breeze.

1. Votto, 2. Straily, 3. Suarez, 4. Iglesias, 5. DeSclafani, 6. Hamilton, 7. Duvall

11 Responses

  1. Scott Carter

    ALL RIGHT. Good Job. But you have too much time on your hands. But who am I to talk I am reading it. Thanks for making my day better.

  2. greenmtred

    Thanks, Jason. Time spent writing (or reading) is not wasted. Good stuff.

  3. Tct

    I thought number 5 applied to the entire bullpen.

  4. David

    My pitches fly out
    of the park by night and day
    and I am old too

    Ross Ohlendork

  5. Gaffer

    Price coming back! Can we have a vote of no confidence in Reds management?

  6. cupofcoffee1955

    Once I was a defensive master
    but time is catching up with me
    Next year will probably be my last (with the Reds)
    so I hope it is not a disaster


  7. jp

    On the road, bad things.
    And domestic violence
    Pasta fans no more!

    Alfredo Simon

  8. lwblogger2

    Nice! How did I miss Iglesias though?