Over at Cincinnati Magazine, I tried to put the 2016 Reds season to bed:

Remember those old highlight videos that teams used to produce years ago? The 1990 Reds had one called “Wire to Wire,” and I wore out my copy of the 1990 World Series highlights. After the current Reds season that is now—mercifully—drawing to a close, I’m thinking about putting together a highlight reel that tells the story of this year’s club. It’ll be available only on VHS (obviously), and I already have a name for it:

“The 2016 Cincinnati Reds: Precisely What Did You Expect?”

Might need to add a hashtag or a Harambe meme or something in the title, but once I figure out the marketing specifics, I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes. (Mmmmm…hotcakes.) After all, this is a season that we’re all going to want to re-live, right?

Actually, there are some things about the 2016 season that we’ll want to remember—more on that in a minute—but mostly we’re going to want to bury the details of this campaign as deep in the back of our collective brains as possible.

Please go over there and read the rest, then let me know what you think. What will you remember from this year? (If, that is, you are forced to remember anything.)