Steve did a good job recapping things last night, but let’s take another look at the controversial ending to last night’s game, in which the umpires handed a victory to the Cardinals that they hadn’t earned (yet):

Here are manager Bryan Price’s post-game comments:

Price should have challenged it. But the simple fact is that the umpires completely blew the call, then ran off the field. It’s ludicrous that they had the ability to get this call correct within a minute of the end of the game, but refused to do it.

Of course, the Reds might have lost anyway. And the game doesn’t mean anything to the Reds, other than the fact that we all love beating the Cardinals.

But what if you’re one of the other teams in the wild card hunt? If I’m the Giants, I’m seriously irritated today. Umpires refusing to do their job in St. Louis might ultimately cost San Francisco a spot in the playoffs.