Todd Frazier conducted a lengthy interview with Jon Greenberg of The Athletic. It’s mostly about his time in Chicago and thoughts about his 2016 season. When the topic switched to the future, Frazier took an unsolicited, direct swipe at the Reds front office:

“I would love to stay here,” he said. “It’s a great club, great ownership. It was very different in Cincinnati, it wasn’t good. The bottom line here is these guys know what they’re doing. I see the guys [Hahn, White Sox GM] gets, he’s not afraid to pull the trigger. You’ve got to have a guy like that. Whether it turns out to be for the best or not, you take a chance sometimes, and I think he’s done that a lot. It’s up to Jerry and Rick and their team to figure out what they want to do and it’s up to them.” (emphasis added)

It’s not 100% clear what Frazier is referring to. Maybe he’s just saying the Reds team isn’t good. But he seems to be saying that Reds ownership and/or front office doesn’t stack up.