Reds           11   16   0
Brewers     5    14   2

Box Score  |  Win Probability

Can I just… forgive me… I have to say something:


Okay, okay, I’m good now.

Wait, no… Gosh, I’m really sorry…


Okay, really done now.

Baseball is fun sometimes fun. Let’s talk about good things (forgive me for missing some details, the Reds decided to drop their 8-run inning when I was putting the kids to bed).

Joey Votto is perfect and is now batting .301 (!!!)/.428/.504 for the season. He has somehow gotten his numbers to Normal Votto levels. Because he is perfect.

Dan Straily did pretty okay.

Hamilton and Phillips and Cozart and Suarez and Duvall and Barnhart all had good nights. It was a party.

Yeah, yeah, bullpen, blah, blah, blah. Listen, when you’re up nine, that’s when you’re supposed to pitch those guys.

If the Reds started a season 16-10 and if 7 of those 10 losses were by one run and if they had out scored there opponents 132-100, you’d be feeling pretty good right? Well guess what, that’s how they’ve started the second half.

This simply is not the same team that was on the field for the first few months. As in it literally is extremely different. It is a very enjoyable team to watch right now. And watch I shall. Go Reds.