I’m happy to officially announce that the First Annual Redleg Nation/Red Reporter Meetup will take place on Saturday, September 3, during the Reds-Cardinals game. You’re all invited!

We haven’t had a meetup in a few years, so it’s time to get together once again. For some time, we’ve been discussing the specifics with our friends over at Red Reporter — we’ve been huge fans of their site for years — and I’m excited that we’re actually going to be able to make this happen.

Here’s the deal. We’re going to get together and hang out at the Reds game on September 3. Many writers from both Redleg Nation and Red Reporter will be in attendance. I’ll update this post with a list of writers who will be there as soon as I get confirmations, but I can tell you that I will certainly be there and I look forward to meeting many of you. We’ll get together, talk Reds baseball, and cheer on the home team as they play St. Louis. And maybe make some new friends, as well.

The fact that I will be there should be enough, but if you need even more enticement, watch this space over the coming days. We’re working on a few things that I’m not ready to announce just yet, since I wanted to start getting a head count. I promise you there will be lots of fun stuff going on.

We do need to get a head count as soon as possible, because we will be reserving a block of seats for the Meetup. Therefore, we’re going to put a deadline of next Friday, August 19, at noon to let us know if you plan to attend. You can let me know if you will be there (and how many tickets you will need) either by commenting here with a valid e-mail address, or emailing me at dotsonc AT gmail DOT com. I really hope many of you will be able to make it, especially those who I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet.

Come join us at the ballyard!

Here are the specifics:
What: The First Annual Redleg Nation/Red Reporter Meetup!
Where: Great American Ball Park
When: Saturday, September 3, 2016. Reds-Cardinals game begins at 4:10.
Fun Stuff:
–A chance to talk baseball with Redleg Nation writers and your fellow RN readers.
–The opportunity to hang out with the great guys from Red Reporter, including some of their outstanding writers.
–Eugenio Suarez bobblehead giveaway to first 25,000 fans at the game.
–Optional event either before or after the game (to be determined).
–More announcements soon!

Writers planning to attend (will be updated regularly):
Chad Dotson, Redleg Nation
Steve Mancuso, Redleg Nation
Brandon Kraeling, Red Reporter
Wick Terrell, Red Reporter
Doug Gray, Reds Minor Leagues
Eric Roseberry, Red Reporter
Jason Linden, Redleg Nation
Mary Beth Ellis, Redleg Nation
Nick Doran, Redleg Nation
Matt Allaire, Red Reporter
Nick Kirby, Redleg Nation
Greg Gajus, Redleg Nation
Matt Wilkes, Redleg Nation
Grant Freking, Redleg Nation
Bill Lack, Redleg Nation