Jerry Crasnick of ESPN tweeted a new Reds player name that came up in trade talks – Dan Straily.

The reluctance to trade Straily could well be a negotiating posture. Starting pitching is scarce at the deadline. Taking advantage of that is smart.

If so, good for them. But there is only so much time left before the trade deadline so they don’t want to pose their way into inaction.

Dan Straily is having a solid year for the Reds. His ERA is 3.84, but he’s benefited an enormous amount from a low BABIP of .227 and a low HR/FB as well. That why the ERA-estimators for him are higher. His FIP is 4.55, his xFIP is 5.03 and his SIERA is 4.81.

The Reds shouldn’t give him away. Straily is cheap and not eligible for arbitration until 2018. That’s four more years of control.

On the other hand, he’s 27 and has limited upside. Because of the organizational depth, Straily is unlikely to be a starting pitcher for the Reds next year, maybe even all the rest of this season. It’s hard to see him contributing as more than a reliever over the duration of his time with the Reds. Maybe a swingman.

That’s not nothing. But it’s also not worth missing the opportunity to take advantage of a situation where an opposing team overvalues his ERA. If they get a good offer they should take it. As I wrote last month, Straily is an Epstein Flip candidate. Let’s see if the Reds front office can execute it.

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  1. Sheila Winkler

    I have been an avid Reds fan for many years, but their organization has to be the stupidest organization of all major league teams. Instead of trading people like Chapman, Frazier and now Jay Bruce, they ought to get rid of their manager and those dumb individuals who are making all these stupid trades. I cannot remember when the Reds have been next to last place in the National League in wins. Great track records. Then to top it all off, today they made another stupid trade by trading Jay Bruce who leads the National League in RBI’s to the Mets for some no name players. Last year they traded Chapman to the Yankees and Quato to the Giants. I am sure the Cubs were happy to get Chapman from the Yankees who is one of the leaders in saves. Also, Quato is doing a great job for the Giants. The Reds need to take a good look at the Washington Nationals who were in first place of their division the last time I looked and, of course, who is their Manager? None other than Dusty Baker who was terminated last year by the stupid Reds organization. If I was Joey Votto, I would request a trade also and if the Reds didn’t comply with my request, I would refuse to play. The whole organization smells like a rotten animal. They need a complete overhaul and until they do just that and stop making all those dumb trades, they will never get out of the basement. Why don’t you get a manager like Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey, Sr. or Ken Griffey, Jr. or some other person who can bring the Reds out of the gutter and make them a team that is a contender like they were in the 1980’s. They haven’t had a team that has been this bad for years and I certainly wouldn’t wait any longer before I fired their manager as well as some of the higher ups in their organization. I wonder who they will trade next. I am sure the list will go on and on until their whole team is defunct.