Over at Cincinnati Magazine today, I took a look at some of the questions that the Reds faced entering the 2016 season, and examined whether we’re getting any answers just yet.

As we entered this season, it became clear that there were a number of questions facing this organization—and really, in a season where you aren’t going to win, you might as well try to gain some information that will help you move forward as a franchise.. Now we’re almost 100 games into the campaign, and it’s reasonable to ask whether the Reds have been able to get any answers to those questions. After all, if the Reds aren’t gaining a better understanding of where they are and where they need to go, this will be a lost season in every sense of the term.

Let’s dig in.

How will the young pitchers develop?
Obviously, this was/is the single most important storyline of the 2016 season. Walt Jocketty and crew loaded up on young starting pitchers over the last couple of years, and the development of that group was always going to be key to the Reds’ attempt at revitalizing the franchise.

Read the rest over there, then let me know what you think. Are there questions I missed?