Something I like to do periodically is look at random statistics and see if I can find anything interesting.  Doing this yields not only ideas for future articles, but also a greater understanding of the game of baseball.

So, I figured I would share a few things I’ve found interesting, sad, or downright pathetic. (Disclaimer: all of these don’t necessarily mean anything. They are just “interesting,” by my definition)

-Over the last 30 days, Joey Votto has the 3rd highest OBP in the National League at .468.

-Jay Bruce has faced the shift 209 times this year, good for 2nd in MLB behind David Ortiz at 224.

-Over the last 30 days, the only two Reds who have been above average offensively are Votto (7.6 runs above average) and Tucker Barnhart (0.3 RAA).

-Over the last 30 days, Jose Peraza is 1st in MLB in base running value (2.9 RAA).

-Peraza has played more innings at LF and DH (53) than at SS and 2B (50.2).

-Among all pitchers with 100+ IP, Brandon Finnegan walks the most guys (12% BB%).

-Among all pitchers with 100+ IP, Finnegan has the 2nd worst K%-BB% at 4.5%.

-Anthony DeSclafani is on a 3.8 WAR per 200 IP pace.  That’ll do.

-Only two Reds pitchers have a walk rate below 8%; DeSclafani and Raisel Iglesias. League average is currently 8.2%.

-As a reliever, Iglesias has an 0.73 ERA and has not allowed a base runner to score, a homer being his only earned run.

-Over the last 30 days, Tony Cingrani has an 0.77 ERA.

-JJ Hoover, despite being sent to AAA, still leads all MLB relievers in negative WAR (-0.9).

-The Reds bullpen has claimed 3 of the 4 worst FIPs in MLB; Hoover, Keyvius Sampson, and Jumbo Diaz.

-Michael Lorezen has had the worst luck on fly balls out of any pitcher in MLB with at least 10 innings pitched (477 pitchers).  His HR/FB% is 66.7%.

-Over the past calendar year, Votto, Adam Duvall, and Zack Cozart have been the only Reds hitters with a wRC+ over 100.

-Over the past calendar year, Ramon Cabrera has a higher OBP than any Red not named Joey Votto or Tucker Barnhart (min. 100 PA).  Ouch.

-Over the past calendar year, Billy Hamilton has provided more base running value (8.4 RAA) than every other Red combined.

-Over the past calendar year, Peraza has provided more base running value (3.2 RAA) than every other Red combined whose name is not Billy Hamilton.

-Over the past calendar year, Skip Schumaker is the Reds 8th best hitter (83 wRC+).

-This season, Eugenio Suarez has a .948 OPS against left-handed pitchers.  Joey Votto’s career OPS is .949.

-Votto’s OBP in his last year in the minors was .381.  When Jesse Winker hit the DL in AAA, his OBP was .381.

-Hamilton has made 100% of the plays classified as “likely.” (Made 60-90% of the time)

-Hamilton has made 55.6% of the plays classified as “remote” (Made 1-10% of the time) League average is 4%.

-Hamilton has made 6 plays classified as being “remote.”  Every other center fielder in MLB combined has made 6 such plays. This is my favorite stat.

Share your interesting, sad, or pathetic stats in the comments below!