Reds 9
Nationals 4

Box score | Win expectancy


The Good

Holy crap the Reds won.

If I had told you at the beginning of the season that Zack Cozart, Tucker Barnhart, and Adam Duvall would be both pleasant surprises and big contributors all in the same game, you would certainly have raised an eyebrow at me. But here we are.

Dan Straily done good today. He was shaky at the end of his start, but you can’t complain about the job he did tonight.

Josh Smith and Jumbo Diaz also got it done.


The Bad

It’s a good night, let’s just not talk about the 8th inning.


Not-So-Random Thoughts

Phew. This team is exhausting.

Forgive me if I missed some important stuff up there. Kids and bedtimes and all that.

The Reds one today. If they win tomorrow, that’s two in a row. If they win again, it’s called a winning streak. It has happened before.

Goodnight, everybody.