The Reds head to Houston for three games against the Astros, who just swept a 2-game series in St. Louis. After a slow start in April, the ‘stros are 25-18 in May and June. The Reds are 9-6 in April.

Cincinnati 2 • Atlanta 7  |  FanGraphs  | #WeAreOrlando

Regression is Mean Not the best day for Dan Straily but also not a huge surprise. He’s been due for a couple starts like this. That’s based on Straily’s career. It’s also based on inevitable payment due the BABIP demon. Straily walked three and struck out five in 4.1 innings.

That’ll Du-vall (Again) Adam Duvall launched a long (407 ft.) home run into the left field seats in the third inning. The SF Giants fans who tut-tut that Duvall’s homers wouldn’t be out at AT&T Park can stick that one in their garlic fries. Duvall’s 19th puts him one long ball behind league leader Nolan Arenado and ties him with the third baseman of the Chicago White Sox. #VoteDuvAllstar

Pulling Duvall Bryan Price double-switched Duvall out of the game after the Reds fell behind and Straily was yanked. Duvall, who has Type I Diabetes, has mentioned that the heat and humidity in Atlanta had been bothering him. If you haven’t read about how Duvall copes with that challenge, I recommend this by C. Trent Rosecrans.

Last Call It’s closing time for the Joey Votto haters. Time to look around the bar and figure out which criticism of his hitting might snuggle with you because it’s likely the last time you’ll have the chance for a while. Votto was on base four times today, raising his hitting to .248/.377 with isolated power of .197. He’s producing runs (wRC+) at 18 percent above league average – 40 percent above MLB average the last 30 days.

Friendly Suggestion The Reds should pitch around Freddie Freeman tomorrow. Thought this was obvious. Here’s why I say that:

Freeman had ten hits in the series.