Today’s 1:10 game between the Reds (24-38) and the Athletics (25-36) completes a three-game series. Of which the Reds have won two. The Reds. Have won two. I’d take credit but I’m too tired to figure out how.


1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)                                 4 Jay Bruce (RF)                                        5  Adam Duvall (LF)                            6 Eugenio Suarez (3B)     .
7. Steve Selsky (CF)
8. Ramon Cabrera (C)
9. John Lamb (P)
1. Coco Crisp (CF)

2. Jed Lowrie  (2B)
3. Danny Valencia (3B)
4. Khris Davis (LF)
5. Billy Butler  (1B)
6. Marcus Semien (SS)
7. Josh Phegley (C)
8. Jake Smolinski  (RF)
9. Kendall Graveman  (P)



 John Lamb 4.74 38.0 21 1.47 Eh.
Kendall Graveman 5.49 57.1 42 1.60 Lose the goatee and I’ll think about it


Today I escorted my sister’s three sons around a parish festival, and reached a crisis of identity when they gravitated around the goldfish booth. It’s the same one I experienced when they lingered in front of a Twinkie making machine at the toy store: “Am I, in this moment,  good sister or a good aunt?”

I decided to make the three small people in front of me happy in the moment rather than the two adults who were further away, and watched these children’s alarmingly progressing hand-eye coordination skills rack up two fish in about 90 seconds. And any smugness I might have felt at adding two bottomless pits of responsibility to my sister’s household vanished as I immediately realized that I was going to be carrying plastic bags containing living beings around this church parking lot for the next three hours. I had miscalculated, and now we were all going to pay.

These are the issues this team is pondering right now. Are we future-baseballing right? How much attention do we pay to right now, and how much to next year, and how much to the next five years? We have these draftees, these prospects, these terrified fish in these little bags and we have to wonder if the proper people are carrying them around, and if so, what kind of tank they’re going to go into, and whether the water temperature is right, and which room they should live in, and how many minerals are in the water, and what kind, and whether the fish will last 24 hours or a decade.

Who do we make happy? The people in front of us in the moment? Or the people who try to build stability for a future we cannot clearly see? Both? And how?

(I didn’t get the Twinkie making machine, btw. I’m not a complete idiot.)


In which Jose Canseco asks an astronaut to immediately drop what he’s doing on board the International Space Station to provide an up-to-the-second Antarctic volcano action update. He’s worried, you see.


One of the fish was named “Goldie Howe.”