With the 35th overall selection of the 2016 MLB Draft, our Cincinnati Reds selected Taylor Trammell.  His last name is pronounced “truh-mell,” not like Alan Trammell.  This competitive balance pick exists because the Reds are in one of the 10 smallest markets.

Trammell was a high school outfielder from Mount Paran Christian School in Kennesaw, Georgia. You may recognize the name of that town of 32,000.  Tyler Stephenson, last year’s #1 pick, also went to high school in Kennesaw.

Trammell is listed at 6-feet-2-inches and 195 lbs.  He looks very athletic with that build.  In fact, he was also a great high school football player who came within 650 yards of reaching Herschel Walker’s Georgia state record for rushing yards.

From Doug Gray at RedsMinorLeagues.com:

The outfielder is a potential five-tool player. His best tool is his plus-plus speed. That will help him both in the field and on the bases. He’s got the speed that should play quite well in center field where he projects to be an above-average fielder. His arm is fringy-average, but should play in center field and has improved over the last year after putting in plenty of work to get it to that point.

At the plate Taylor Trammell shows off good bat speed and has started to show average to slightly above-average raw power. He’s 6′ 2″ and 195 lbs, so he may be able to tap into that size and utilize the bat speed to hit 15+ home runs, which would play quite well as a center fielder. Entering the year there were some real concerns about his pitch recognition skills, but he made strides at the plate in this regard as the season moved forward. He still needs to continue to improve in this area, but he showed signs that he was starting to figure it out in 2016.

He’s an outstanding athlete and was the football player of the year in Georgia where he scored 36 touchdowns. As a big-time football player he’s behind the curve when it comes to experience on the baseball field compared to a majority of the players in this high school draft class.

The MLB Network crew all liked this pick, with one of the analysts remarking “the Reds are having a good draft.”   He was described as a “five tool” player by another analyst, agreeing with Doug Gray’s assessment, of course.

In his intro video, he showed some of his personality, saying he liked Taylor Swift and singing some of the chorus to her hit Bad Blood.  My wife also likes Taylor Swift and has declared Taylor Trammell the next Joey Votto.  I’m not sure my wife could identify that Votto is not a center fielder.

He seems like a nice kid and I like the pick!  Going college bat and then high school bat is exactly what I wanted to Reds to do.  I’m a happy camper so far.  Then again, it’s hard to dislike a high school bat.  They all put up crazy stats and it is impossible to know how they’ll turn out.  Hope springs eternal.