I had a good ticket for tonight’s game. The weather was perfect. The Cardinals were in town. The Reds are playing about as well as can be expected right now. They had a chance to win the series.

I didn’t go because Alfredo Simon was pitching for the Reds.

And just like last night, the bullpen battle was a gigantic mismatch. The only difference was no Joey Votto ninth inning heroics to save the situation.

Cincinnati 7 • St. Louis 12  |  FanGraphs  | Colonel Walter E. Kurtz on tonight 

Worst Thing Ever It’s June 8. His ERA is 9.11. He is 35 years old. Yet, the Reds are still giving Alfredo Simon the ball every fifth day. How can the organization pretend they care about anything this season while allowing that to take place? It simply can’t be the case there is no better alternative. Because any other pitcher would be a better alternative. No matter what positive things happen during the last four months of the Reds season, the grotesque persistence of Simon on the Reds roster will be a shameful blot.

The Bats Are Hot It’s fun to see Joey Votto and Jay Bruce hot at the same time. That’s kinda the way this was supposed to work. Votto and Bruce as the two tent poles while the other bats help out. Zack Cozart had two hits, including his 9th home run. Vote Zack. Tucker Barnhart had three hits including a home run. Billy Hamilton had two hits (his OBP has crept up to .308). But Hamilton committed a terrible base running mistake in the fifth inning, seconds before Barnhart’s homer.

Suarez Ks Eugenio Suarez struck out four times tonight. It was the second time on this home stand that’s happened.

Bullpen Artists Josh Smith and J.C. Ramirez combined to give up six runs in two innings.

The goat is not impressed with the Reds pitching tonight.