The Reds are in rebuilding mode, and Redleg Nation is in podcasting mode. This week, Bill Lack and I discuss everything surrounding your Cincinnati Reds, including the most burning question in Reds country: how long will this stupid rebuild last, anyway?

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3 Responses

  1. Dewey Roberts

    I personally think the rebuild will last for 5-8 years at a minimum. There just are very few potential major league position players in the Reds farm system and absolutely none of the few are guaranteed to be stars. You don’t win with average to below average major leaguers. What you do is lose with such players. That is what the Reds have in their farm system. Maybe Winker will be a bona fide good player. Peraza is no guarantee at all to be a quality major league starter. There are no players like Eric Davis, Barry Larkin, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Todd Frazier, etc., in the minors- with the possible exception of Winker. What will have to happen is the Reds will need to draft their way out of this problem. They are not going to get really good prospects from other clubs in trades. Cueto, the Reds best pitcher in decades, was traded for three pitchers that might prove to be good players for the Reds, but that remains to be seen. What the Reds need is position players who are legitimate big-time prospects. Until they get 5-6 of those in the majors, the losing will continue. I say this with the perspective of 55 years as a Reds fan.

  2. Steve Schoenbaechler

    It took the Astros 3 season. It took the Cubs a bit longer, needing to get rid of the poor contracts.

    The thing is, it all depends. If we are just looking for a winning “major league club” next season, we could do it by the beginning of next season. Just overpay on free agents. I would rather see by hard work, myself. I would rather see them build like Krivsky and Obrien were doing it, through the minor leagues, with instruction, development, and scouting. Given that, we would probably be looking at probably 3 seasons.

    First two things, I believe, is get some talent from this draft. And, figure out which starters are we going to go with, which are we going to keep for the pen, which will take a AAA position, and which can we let go for trade bait of anything.