This is the first recap I’ve done this year and I want to have something NEW and INTERESTING to say.  But, well, you’ve been watching this team, right? Yeah. That’s what I thought. So let’s just get to it.

Reds 4, Brewers 5

Box Score | Win Probability

The Good

Jay Bruce hit a homer and the Reds turned a couple of double plays.

Brandon Finnegan wasn’t great, but he wasn’t a mess either. 6.1 innings and 4 runs has to be considered good right now (though pitching help should be arriving any moment).

The Reds did make it interesting in the ninth with a couple of runs, but it wasn’t enough, sadly.


The Bad

Well, we can certainly start with the TOOBLANs in the first inning wherein Billy Hamilton and Brandon Phillips both ran themselves into outs. The Reds should have gotten at least one run out out of that inning and came away with none.

Everything else that didn’t involve the Reds playing well. Seriously, not a lot of fun to pay attention to this team and I guess I could enumerate all the little things, but I’m not a masochist.

Brandon Phillips hurt himself making a nice play. He talked his way into staying in the game and played until the end. It looked pretty rough though. Hopefully, he’s feeling okay tomorrow.


Not So Random Thoughts

I had somehow managed to forget that Brandon Finnegan was the guy from a few years ago who pitched in both the college and MLB World Serieseseseses. That must be a fun thing for him.

The Reds are playing .500 baseball! (for the last 48 hours)

Things really should be about to change. The rotation is already getting reshuffled and it is about to be June. June, you may be aware, is when you can expect to see some of the prospects who’ve been spending most or all of their time in Louisville. I’ve seen quite a few Bats games this year, and I think you’ll especially enjoy Jesse Winker and Cody Reed (and Jose Peraza when there’s a spot for him). Anyway, those guys and Robert Stephenson should all come up over the course of the next month, which will make it a different team.